Five Foods That Detox Your Body

By Johnnesha Parker

With Summer on the horizon, now is a good time for a thorough cleaning.  Warmer weather always makes me want to shed a few layers of winter clothing and that extra winter fat.  The extra padding may have come in handy on those chilly days and freezing nights, but I discovered that my fat stores more than warmth.  Our bodies are designed to store the toxins we accumulate in our fat cells.  To really cleanse the body and eliminate those toxins, it’s best to eat foods high in antioxidants and fiber.  Here are five of my go-to detox foods:

1. Garlic

It may be bad for your breath, but garlic does a body good!  Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties and is a time-tested herbal cold remedy.  Eating garlic helps increase liver function and boosts the immune system.

2. Green Tea

I’m a southern girl, and I was raised on fresh brewed, black tea with lemon and at least one cup of sugar.  Now that I’m older, I know better!  Green tea has a delicate flavor, but it packs a powerful antioxidant punch. The drink has special antioxidants that increase liver function. Our liver is the main detoxification organ in the body, so it is crucial that we keep the liver healthy.

3. Green Vegetables

Collard greens are an old favorite of mine, but they’re not the only green veggie I’ll eat.  Kale, broccoli, cabbage, and asparagus are all high in sulphur and chlorophyll that helps rid the liver of harmful toxins.  Cabbage has the added benefit of being a natural diuretic, so eat plenty if you’re looking to eliminate that excess water weight and bloating.

4. Chia seed

Chia seed is a tiny little powerhouse of fiber and protein. Fiber is essential to help move toxins and waste through the body, but the protein in chia seed also gives a boost to the liver. The tiny seeds do not look like much on their own, but mix a tablespoon [or two or three] into your smoothie, oatmeal, or yogurt and enjoy!

5. Water

Maybe water isn’t technically a food, but it is one of the most important detoxification agents you can use.  Water keeps your body hydrated and flushes out those nasty toxins.  In addition, water cleans out the kidneys and the liver.