Six Tips to More Confidence

By Carmen Beckett

The one thing that I love about confidence is that it’s something that each and every one of us can have and wear well! Although this is true, confidence is something that we’ve all battled with at one point or another. Sometimes this battle can feel like it never ends from comparing ourselves to the perfect looking models on television to the superwoman of Proverbs 31.

The truth is, confidence doesn’t come over night. It takes practice and the best way to practice is with real tips that work. So it is my hope that you try out and enjoy these 6 tips to more sassy and classy confidence!

1.) Play up your beauty – What’s one of your favorite physical features about yourself? If it’s your eyes then wear eye shadow colors that highlight them. If it’s your gorgeous set of pearly whites then smile more often to show them off. Paying attention to the features that you love can be an instant confidence booster.

2.) Embrace change – We all have areas of ourselves that we would like to improve. I encourage you to identify these areas and start making changes to them. These changes can be both inward and outward. Below are two examples.

Inward change: If you know your decreasing faith and constant worrying are wrecking havoc on your self-esteem, map out a time in your day to start reading your Bible more. As you begin to get closer to God, your confidence will skyrocket in him.

Outward change: If you don’t like your body then start a healthy diet and get on a good workout regimen to shape it the way you desire.

There are tons of ways to look gorgeous without going to extremes. So pick a few and wear them with all you’ve got.

3.) Positive Friends – Confidence is contagious so go get a power circle of girlfriends who are happy and secure in their own skin. You can’t be confident if you are surrounded by “Debbie Downers” who are always putting you or themselves down. This is why I love being a part of networks like Pinky Promise; it’s a great way to meet fabulous women from different walks of life.

4.) Dress up – The saying is true: when you look good, you feel good. So have fun with your wardrobe and only wear clothes that you are proud of. Wearing clothes that go well with your body type as well as fun pops of color can do the self esteem quite well.

5.) Treat yourself – Every once in a while, it’s good to treat yourself to something nice. This could range from buying those cute new pair of heels that you’ve been eyeing to simply taking a day off to relax and cater to yourself. It doesn’t matter what you do just make sure you enjoy it!

6.) Good role models – Powerful women who hold their heads high are inspiring. I encourage you to find a couple of women that you like for role models. I personally look up to women like Jennifer Lucy Tyler and Heather Lindsey. Both women are classy with hearts after God so their confidence radiates from within.

So there you have it – 6 tips to more confidence! I pray that these tips help you to become the beautiful, confident women that God created you to be.