Castor Oil for Longer, Thicker Hair

by Carmen Beckett

Castor Oil is an age old trick for growing longer, stronger and thicker hair. A year ago, my hair was thin and brittle from the overuse of heat along with a string of other unhealthy hair habits. I started applying castor oil to my hair weekly, and a year later, my hair is so much longer and thicker. It’s a great aid to use for those of us who prefer natural beauty products and remedies.

Castor oil has several uses. It can be used to grow hair longer, treat dry scalp, fill bald spots, and prevent hair breakage.

Three Ways Castor Oil Can Be Applied:

-Add 1-2 teaspoons of castor oil to the deep conditioner of your choice

-Apply castor oil directly to the scalp

-Apply castor oil after using the hair moisturizer of your choice

All three ways of application have helped me tremendously. Applying castor oil to a deep conditioner strengthens the hair follicles and gives the hair a nice shine. Applying castor oil after using a hair moisturizer helps to lock in the moisture for long-lasting, daily nourishment. Lastly, applying castor oil to the scalp provides a healthy environment to stimulate faster hair growth.

Using castor oil is always a real treat for my hair. I love it! It can be purchased online or at your local health food store.

Warning: Due to castor oil’s thick consistency, hair should be washed often when used.