If He Calls You

A few months ago I was afforded an opportunity to volunteer for a local youth concert. I was really excited because I’ve been seeking ways to get involved, be of service, and fellowship with more believers. As we’re listening to our responsibilities I’m thinking: “This is going to be easy! I get to pass out flyers and meet people and smile and hug folks and listen to Mali Music perform! I’m there. Boom. This is awesome!”

But, then they mentioned we would need to serve as prayer counselors. Hold up now. Prayer counselors? The greatest part of an event of this capacity lies in those who make the choice to give their life to Christ. This is a huge step and this is a youth concert so the window of opportunity to reach these young people is slim. All of a sudden I’m nervous and unsure that I can serve in this capacity. I barely like saying my grace out loud, but now I’ll need to pray over those who have decided to give their life to Christ. That’s big. I write…I don’t talk. What if I freeze? What if I say the wrong thing?

So, as the meeting concludes I recall one individual asking me if I was in the ministry to which I responded “NO.”

So, I went home and started talking with God. I expressed my concerns about not wanting to fail these young people due to my lack of preparation or prayer expertise. I wanted to ensure that He meant to place me in this position. And, then He responded…

You are in the ministry. You’re a member of the ministry of encouragement and the ministry of listening and the ministry of service and the ministry of teaching and the ministry of prayer and the ministry of laughter and I have equipped and empowered you to serve in ALL you’ve been assigned to do. You don’t need to worry.

“I took you from the ends of the earth; from its farthest corners I called you. I said, ‘You are my servant’; I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." —Isaiah 41:9-10

Instead of focusing on the areas I deemed inept I offered everything to God and told Him to use me. I know that Jesus will intercede on my behalf in every area I am weak. I know that as long as I keep my heart attuned to the true mission of saving souls His spirit will intervene and be my voice.

Today, as our Father calls us to advanced levels of spiritual maturity…don’t question it. You can trust that if He calls you…He equips you. Sometimes we look at everything that’s wrong in our society and think that our meager ministry of _____ doesn’t make a difference, but everything that you do and say—don't do and don't say-- has the potential to spill over and touch the lives of another person. God doesn’t hold us accountable for the things we can’t do. But, God does hold us accountable for the things we can do yet choose not to. Your personality, the way you talk, the way you interact with people, the way you tell your story, the way you minister—is specific to someone else and they need you. We each have a ministry within us that deserves to be nurtured and used to impact our little corner of the planet. Maintain Accountability.

Ashley Ivery is a single mother of two brilliant children, Aiden and Devyn, with an overwhelming desire to empower women and help them to realize the importance of a relationship with God. Through her writing she hopes to encourage women to claim their strength and value in Christ. She graduated from Fayetteville State University in 2012 with a BS in Psychology. Her motto is: "Be Authentic. Live Honestly. Dispel Light."