Loving Yourself

by Mickela Rutledge

Have you ever felt that a friend or peer had something better than you? Better hair? Better grades? A better body? A better life or relationship? Or maybe you felt they had a better relationship with God. If you are anything like me then you have felt all of these scenarios at one point in time. God spoke to my heart to share: ‘it is time for us to stop comparing ourselves to others’. God made all of us unique and that is a part of the beauty of God. He loves diversity! God delights himself in our differences.

Comparing ourselves to others stems from insecurity. I know this all too well. I spent so much of my life trying to be like the next person and never realizing my own beauty and talents. I was so focused on what I couldn’t do and trying to perfect those things that I ignored my own strengths. I became so tired of insecurity when God whispered to my heart that he was pleased with me and that I am uniquely and beautifully made. From my talents, gifts, weaknesses and strengths, God was pleased with them all! And guess what? He approves of you! He is pleased with you and you are wonderfully and fearfully made! (Philippians 2:13) (Psalm 139: 14)

In order to start living your full potential in God you have to have a good relationship with yourself. The Bible says to love your neighbor as you love yourself. You can’t correctly love others if you don’t accept yourself. I encourage you stop comparing yourself to others. It can drive you to competition, low self -esteem and jealousy.

Take time to learn about your uniqueness and start counting the blessings that you have in your life and the fact that there is only one of you! Change your self- talk! There are so many ways to do this. You could write positive statements about your life and yourself on your bathroom mirror so you can see them as you get ready in the morning or at night. You can also stop negative thoughts as they begin to formulate in your mind. As Christians we have the authority to cast down thoughts that do not line up with what God says about us. (2 Corinthians 10:5) You could also read books about the power of positive thinking.  Joyce Meyer has several books about thinking positive thoughts and liking yourself. And most importantly my sisters pray and talk to your Heavenly love. Confess to him how you want to change your thought process and start embracing the way that he sees you. Ask him to help you see yourself the way that he sees you. Let’s start today! What is one thing that you like about yourself?