Pretty Little Liar

There’s this term in real estate called “fluff.” It goes a little something like this…

"Immaculate landscaping (grass that has been mowed) welcomes you to this charming (small) 3BR/2BA home in the established (old) ABC subdivision. Rich in vibrant color (oddly colored walls) this home boasts numerous detailed touches throughout to include: over-sized (regular sized) walk-in-closets, impressive (basic) crown and chair molding, upgraded (spray-painted) hardware, and new (as of 10 years ago) roof."

It’s fluff. Embellishment. It’s not a lie…per say. We have “fancied” up the truth.

Give me a little room here to work by considering my next example…I’ll get to my point soon.

Question: “Have you called your seller?”

Answer: “I haven’t had an opportunity to speak with my seller.”

Sounds good…right? It’s an elusive statement. It doesn’t really answer the question. Maybe I called the seller and reached their voicemail. Maybe I’m waiting for them to call me back. You really can’t tell where to direct any blame or wrong-doing. Fact is I haven’t called my seller…so why didn’t I just say—“No.”

God has really been on me about these “pretty little lies.” I’ve caught myself rationalizing, making excuses, and justifying these “little” lies, but God is not impressed and He’s nit-picking and calling me out on every “little” lie or act of omission. It’s tough.

We’re conditioned to avoid pain and discomfort. There are days when it’s just easier to shift accountability and dodge blame. We justify our lies by deeming them insignificant details. We don’t lie about the big stuff. We don’t lie about the important stuff. That’s what counts…right?

But, there’s really nothing pretty nor little about our lies because in God’s economy it all matters. As Christians, the details matter. Those details weave together to create the essence of our very being. Authenticity is what speaks to people, but if we don’t allow truth to serve as our platform in all that we do we damage our witness and our ability to serve as representatives of Christ.

Trust—to place confidence or depend; to commit or place in one’s care or keeping; to rely on; assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

We often talk about learning how to trust God like His reputation doesn’t speak volumes to His impeccable integrity. But, the bigger issue is…

Can God trust us? 

Can God place his confidence in us? 

Can God depend on us? 

Can God have assured reliance on our character? 

God needs to know that He can rely on us in all things. He needs to know that we will be mindful of the details and truthful in all of our dealings. It’s pretty much a big deal to Him that we say what we mean and mean what we say. God doesn’t want us adding “fluff” to His Truth nor does He want us to evade, omit, or disillusion in attempt to escape potential consequences. Can God trust you?

Transparency isn’t easy. I don’t want to reveal the ugly about myself; however, those things we hide in fear have the most power over us. It’s like mold. Mold thrives in warm, dank, and dark places. But, when we walk with Christ we choose to reside in His light. Bringing to light our issues isn’t always pleasant. But, we can’t deal with an issue and avoid it at the same time. Let God deal with you. The work that He wants done is not a DIY project. You’ve got help. So, when you get that gut feeling…that’s usually His Spirit striving to communicate with you. Listen to Him. Adhere to His call. He just wants to make us better.

So, today I’m saying--

“God…I’m tired of being a pretty little liar. Help me to walk in your Truth in all that I do. I want my heart to look like yours. I want YOU to be able to depend, trust, and rely on me. Make me better. Since I know a test to this declaration is right around the corner…be with me, guide my choices, help me watch my mouth, rid me of all fluff, and convict me in each wrong-doing. I thank you that you love me enough to take time out of Your day to work and discipline me. I need you.”

Ashley Ivery is a single mother of two brilliant children, Aiden and Devyn, with an overwhelming desire to empower women and help them to realize the importance of a relationship with God. Through her writing she hopes to encourage women to claim their strength and value in Christ. She graduated from Fayetteville State University in 2012 with a BS in Psychology. Her motto is: "Be Authentic. Live Honestly. Dispel Light."