A Day Gone Wrong

First my car wouldn't start. The crazy thing is that it worked perfectly fine 30 minutes earlier when I needed to drop my son off at school. But, now in a rush to pick up my cousin for work, drop off my daughter at daycare, and make it to my hair appointment…it wouldn't start. So, after calling in a favor I received the necessary jump to get my car started and set out to begin my day…again.

Within the next hour I learned that my granny received a medical diagnosis that would require more medication and more money that she wasn't prepared to spend. That’s when I sensed that day going an entirely different way than I planned. But, what was most interesting to me wasn't the calamity of circumstances that had me buying a new battery, cancelling my hair appointment, and dipping into my savings to pay for granny’s medication…it was what was happening on the inside.

I didn't freak out. I didn't get mad or frustrated that my plans had changed. I was curious and mildly amused at the interesting change of events. In that moment, I saw the value of spending the first few moments of my day with God. We don’t know what we will face when step out to embrace a new day, but God does. When we spend the first moments of our day asking God to be with us in each moment He equips us with an ability to handle to our days when they go “wrong.”

I choose to be grateful that my car stalled in a safe location where I could be serviced. I’m grateful I had the money to pay for a new battery. I’m grateful my car is operating smoothly since I’m carrying around precious cargo. I’m grateful that this diagnosis may be a stepping stone towards a treatment plan that will make my granny feel better. I’m grateful that God provided me with an opportunity to bless my granny after the lifetime she’s spent blessing me. I’m grateful my hair appointment was cancelled because it rained today. I’m grateful for His will versus my own. I’m grateful that God is the Author of my story because He makes it interesting. I’m grateful for this day gone “wrong” as it has afforded me an opportunity to witness the fruit of His work within me. I choose to remain grateful.

So, today in the middle of all your crazy circumstances remember who’s on your side. Ask God to afford you greater perspective and new ways of thinking. Ask Him to help you recognize the potential for GREAT in every closed door, missed opportunity, cancelled appointment, unexpected expense, medical diagnosis, and dead car battery. Sometimes God allows chaos to touch us in an effort to draw awareness to something that needs to be addressed. Delve deep and allow God to expand and renew your line of thinking. That mild inconvenience, disruption to your day, and petty annoyance is momentary. Trust God to grant you discernment into the situation in HIS TIME and refuse to give your circumstances more power than they deserve. Don’t obsess over the details. Trust God and choose gratitude.

Written by Ashley Ivery