Book Review: Victim of Grace

To put into words an accurate description of this book that needs to be understandable...

First word that comes to mind? Graceful.

This book shares stories of grace from Robin Jones Gunn life as well as stories of grace from the bible that she has related to different stories of her own life.

There is so much that can be learned in this book. Granted its full of stories but those stories are lessons waiting to be learned and applied.

There are a few chapters that stood out for me completely, even after I finished reading. One such chapter is chapter 6, Banner Word. This chapter stood out to me because I love to read, I enjoy writing and sharing. Something I share with Robin Jones Gunn. And after reading this chapter I have prayed for my own Banner Word; one that I can study and can learn from. Another chapter is chapter 4, A Blessing inside the Obedience. This chapter stood out because I tend to have a problem being obedient at all times, especially when I can't see past the moment. And it has cost me/us dearly. There have also been times when I have seen the benefit that could come from being obedient and it has blessed me/us.

There has been so much I learned from chapter 4. One thing that stood out for me was consistency and obedience sets us up for our blessing. The blessing may be months or years down the road but the blessing will come because we have served with obedience and consistency. Many times it is not always about do we want to do it but if we will be obedient and do it anyways.

One thing I am sure of is that my heart has gone through a much needed washing. And I have a stronger resolve to see God's grace in everything and to be obedient in everything. My obedience and consistency is necessary not optional. I’ll be honest I’m not there, I’m a work in progress just like you are a work in progress.

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{Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher, Zondervan, in exchange for an HONEST review. These are my heartfelt words.}

Written by Kris Bush