Confessions of a Boy-Crazy, Jesus-Loving Girl

The LORD and I had a conversation recently and during the course of that conversation He told me I was boy crazy. My response:

“Excuse me LORD, but I am not boy crazy...I am not (and have never been) one of those girls that doodle hearts on the pages of my notes. I don't even make it a habit of talking about guys with my friends. Actually, LORD you are the only person that I talk about guys to”

His response:

“...and that is why I am the one person that can tell you how boy crazy you are. Besides you are already getting too defensive...”

I have spent a lot of time pondering this conversation and I guess I have realized that God was right - I can get a little boy crazy. While on one hand, there is nothing wrong with finding men attractive, God put the desire in there for a reason. There is something wrong when guys become a distraction in your life. Looking back at a few specific scenarios in my life, I have realized that whenever God has a specific task for me to do in a particular season, my biggest distraction happens when a “fine” Christian young man pops up out of the blue. The enemy has realized (long before I did) that guys are a distraction to me and he sends them at their finest whenever he wants me distracted from the task God has called me to do. While I am not a date-for-fun kind of girl so nothing really happens with these guys, they do take a lot of place in my heart. Thoughts from whether they are interested in me, to whether they could possibly be “the one” occupy so much of mind that I have a hard time focusing on the task at hand.

Have you ever been there?

See, I always thought that just because according to the worlds standard I was not “boy crazed” I was okay in that area. However, I am constantly reminded that God's standards are more stringent because He looks at the heart. So ladies, what is your heart distracted by? Ask the LORD to show it to you and let's try together to refocus on the One who truly matters and spend less mental energy on even seemingly good things that take away from the time we could be spending with our King.

Salem Afangideh is a second year law student that moved from Nigeria, Africa to Alabama. Her passions include pursuing and being pursued by Jesus, fighting against human trafficking, bringing justice and compassion to wherever God leads her, speaking and writing to encourage others in their relationships with the LORD. Her daily desire is to decrease and let God increase in her as she serves others. When she is not too busy studying you can find her blogging at or on instagram @afro_princess.