by Ashley Ivery

Webster’s Dictionary defines discernment as “the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure.”

I have learned that there is a certain time of the month where I am predisposed to discouragement and a negative attitude. I cast excessive focus on my problems. I host a multitude of pity parties. Doubt, confusion, and feelings of abandonment always surface. This time of the month corresponds with that other infamous “time of the month” that many ladies experience. This mood change would sneak up on me and I would condemn myself because I did not understand why I had a harder time monitoring my internal dialogue. I did not understand how I could confidently trust in God one moment and completely doubt every single promise the next. I lacked discernment.

God granted me discernment and revealed my reoccurring vulnerability. That dip in mood no longer catches me by surprise. I am now able to prepare a line of defense. I anticipate the change in my attitude and I prepare myself in advance by pulling even closer to Jesus and asking Him to help me during this oh so special “time of the month.” I schedule more encouraging reminders on my phone. I write affirmations beforehand and reference them when I notice the change in my mood. I schedule more quiet time with God. I do whatever I have to do to ensure I rise above the hormonal imbalances that contribute to my attitude. I refuse to let it just happen to me anymore. I fight back.

God gifts us with discernment, but we must ensure our spirit remains attuned to His voice. It is easy to write-off a negative attitude as just a “bad day,” but in praying for discernment God can reveal to us how things that happen in the natural may compromise our relationship with Him. Discernment offers us an opportunity to counteract the things that occur in the natural that threaten our ability to remain consistent in our behavior and thoughts. Erratic and unstable behavior can damage our ability to witness to other people. Consistency speaks to people.

So, today ask God to grant discernment into each area of your life—big and small. Ask God to reveal the things that happen in the natural that threaten your ability to remain consistent in your thoughts and behavior. Maybe it’s when you’re tired or hungry. Maybe it’s around exam time or when you’re seeking to meet a deadline. Maybe it’s on the weekend or when you get bored. In order to ensure our actions and thoughts are an accurate representation of who we are in Christ we must continually seek God’s perspective. An ability to understand that which is hidden, dim, or less visible lends to our ability to make sound decisions and employ proactive action. Seek discernment.