God's Greater Plan

I grew so in love with my goals that I adopted tunnel vision. I narrowed my perspective and closed my mind to anything that did not coincide with my list of goals.

When I first began to nurture my relationship with Christ I was led to tear up my list of goals. This was no ordinary list of goals. It was a color-coordinated chart that targeted specific areas of my life--physical, relational, spiritual, educational, joy, business, and financial. I listed stretch goals and short-term goals with various “check-points” throughout the year in order to assess my progress. I knew what I wanted and I had a plan to bring it to pass, but I had left God outside of my plans. Tearing up my list of goals signified my willingness to relinquish my goals to God.

God helped me to realize that goal setting is valuable, but only when I place Him at the center. Constructing goals like God doesn’t exist forfeits our ability to truly experience all that God desires to do in and through us. When His vision is allowed to align with our reality free from the works of our persistent will we are able to operate at our greatest potential. We must allow God to align our goals with His desires for our life. We must allow God to help us discern which goals are worthy of our devotion. We must allow God to teach us how to place Him at the center of our--physical, relational, spiritual, educational, joy, business, and financial—goal setting.

Today, remember that if God places a desire in your heart then there is a plan to see it come to pass. However, God’s plan may bear little semblance to what you have imagined. Goals are important, but we must not cling so tightly to them that we are unable to embrace a change in plans. Keep yourself open to the possibility that what God has planned for you is far greater than anything you are capable of imagining or organizing into a list. Relinquish control and invite God to help you in your goal setting.