It's a Perfect Fit

Writing at times is such a smooth process for me, flowing from my mind right onto the paper in one continuous movement. But lately I’ve been spending a lot of time writing, rewriting, and reconstructing the words I had thought were perfect just a few moments ago. Straining for perfection, and mirroring myself against other writers, I tripped and was blind to MY purpose, blind to the purpose of MY writing. Somewhere between the beginning and middle, the lines have blurred, and I’ve wandered into a whirlwind of traffic. Lost in someone else’s vision, wondering why I can’t find my way out. In these moments, I have to catch myself before I get to deep, and constantly implore that He [the Lord] close the gate that I aimlessly wandered into.

It’s so easy to get consumed into the lives of others; one moment you view them as a healthy form motivation and the next you’re coveting and trying to play dress up in their purpose. Only to realize that it doesn’t fit. Take off her purpose sister! God has designed your purpose the exact way he wanted it to be. He didn’t intend for you to use a refurbished purpose, or borrow one from your friends. He created and blew his breath into a purpose that was intricately designed for you. We don’t have to run back and forth trying to emulate the outer appearance of other’s “designs”. God has given us a key to unlock the precious gift He has placed inside of us. We just have to use our key to unlock OUR door.

1 Corinthians 12:12-26, helps us to understand that there is purpose in every one of us. Two verses in particular stand out to me,”18 But in fact, God has arranged the parts of the body, everyone of them, just as he wanted them to be. 19 If they were all one part; where would the body be?”

It’s so refreshing to know that you and I are set apart. If God didn’t intend for us to each have our own purpose and unique characteristics he would have stopped at Eve, Sarah, Hannah or Ruth. There would have been no reason to create you or me; everything would have been fulfilled in them. But this wasn’t his plan, he needed you to come into this world to make your mark and help bring other women closer to Him. Maybe it’s your smile that invites people in, or your calm nature that helps to eliminate worry or stress. Your sister’s smile cannot come close in accomplishing what yours can. You may be thinking my smile or [insert your purpose or gift]…that’s it? Ms. So-and-so looks so fulfilled and blessed operating in her abundance of gifts. That is often where we take the wrong step; we focus so intensely on the gifts of others that we place our own on a lower shelf or stop cultivating what God has placed inside of us. Who knows what God may have in store for us, but we may overlook the blessing, gift, or increase because we have someone else’s vision blocking our view. I encourage you to take a look in your closet and marvel at what the Lord has placed inside. Start sporting your custom pieces that your Father has created for you. I guarantee that a peace like no other will wash over you when you begin to use what God poured in you. Don’t be ashamed or shy away thinking that what you have isn’t good enough, or as good as others. If it comes from God there is nothing that can come close to being better for you.

Whether you are just stepping into your purpose, on the path to discovering your purpose, or fulfilling your purpose, stay true to you. Morphing into everything around you isn’t healthy, you cannot do it all nor should you try to. Just like 1 Corinthians 12:19 says, “ …if we were all one part where would the body be.” We need our sisters with their unique characteristics and gifts to form one body, and aid in areas that may need support or refinement.

Remember: You are the twinkle of God’s eye. He loves you so much; he would never ‘skip’ you or ‘forget’ to give you what you deserve. Take the time to nurture and care for your seed, you will be blown away at what will be unearthed. Put on your purpose today Sister; it's a perfect fit.

Chanale Propst is a woman of God who is truly enjoying every step in her walk with God. Her aim in life is to put God first, and to remove any distractions that will prevent her from doing this. She is in love with Christ, and desperately wants women to experience this love as well. By unfolding her wings and soaring to Christ, Chanale hopes to encourage and inspire women on their journey. You can find her blogging at encouraging every young girl and woman to unfold their wings.