No Logic Just Trust

by Ashley Ivery

Many of the challenges we face are real. The tangibility of unpaid bills, impending deadlines, or physical ailments each carries dire consequences when left unattended. These challenges prompt immediate action and responsibility. However, the vast majority of our action takes place in our heads through our thoughts. We imagine, ponder, predict, analyze, reason, and wrestle with our thoughts on a daily basis. Our challenges are often magnified through the excessive focus we apply to our circumstances. Sometimes the longer we deliberate the more confused we get. When faith falls short of alleviating our worry we interject logic in what we perceive to be gaps in God’s plan for our lives. Logic is limited to what we have seen and experienced and does not account for the limitless possibilities that accompany a trusting relationship with God.

There will be times when we just don’t understand, when we don’t have an answer, and when we can’t figure it out. I have learned to love those moments. I realized that I did not want a God that I could “figure out.” I did not want a God that I could wrap my mind around or fit into some box. I don't want a logical God. I want a radical, limitless, amazing, inspiring God that blows my mind daily. I wanted a God that exceeded my imagination, my logic, and my understanding. I realized that what I needed was not to understand everything, but to trust in the Creator of everything. So, instead of working to apply logic and reason to my challenges I asked God to help me transfer my trust to Him instead of my knowledge.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. —Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

So, today remember there is value in each experience. I believe God uses everything to our benefit. Each circumstance, dilemma, and trial combines to weave the intricate tapestry of our very being. Our “man-made plans” bear absolutely no comparison to the unique purpose He has designed for our lives. Our troubles serve to remind us that we are not designed to handle it all, figure it out, or make sense of everything. God will grant us discernment when we choose to depend on Him as opposed to our own limited perspective. God will make our path clear when we transfer our trust to Him and relinquish our desire to understand everything. Strive to ensure your mind remains open to the value of the message He shares with you through each challenge. Get comfortable with not always knowing the answer or reason. Instead of praying for an ability to understand ask God to help you trust Him and turn your "thinking cap" off.

Ashley is a single mother of two brilliant children, Aiden and Devyn, with an overwhelming desire to empower women and help them to realize the importance of a relationship with God. Through her writing she hopes to encourage women to claim their strength and value in Christ. Ashley serves as the Residential Listing Partner for Team Harris Real Estate. She graduated from Fayetteville State University in 2012 with a BS in Psychology. Her motto is: "Be Authentic. Live Honestly. Dispel Light."