Personal Touch

A few months ago, I received an email from one of our sellers. He requested a market analysis for his property to glean some insight as to why his home had not sold. I sent him an analysis packed with hard facts and statistics. When he replied he expressed that my email read cold and abrasive. He felt that my approach lacked personal touch. He reminded me that I was dealing with people and families…not just numbers.

Real estate is cut-throat. I can't always afford to be "soft." It's costly. It’s one of those jobs where you better watch your front AND your back. Every now and then you MIGHT get a thank you, but most days you’re lucky if you don’t get cursed out. I came into this business with a lot more compassion, but in conditioning myself to handle these attacks WITHOUT anger and irritation I had also desensitized myself to the relational needs of my clients. I remained educated about all the latest staging techniques, market conditions, and negotiating tools to provide my clients with a competitive edge, but I had grown to remove a lot of the "feel good" from my business dealings.

I arranged a face-to-face consultation with this seller. I wanted to ensure that he was aware that I did not negate the relational component involved in the sale of his home, but my heart wasn't in it. I was just going through the motions. I was tired of real estate. I remember thinking about how much I just wanted to do what I love--share God's word through writing. Instead of cramming time to write in between baths, cooking dinner and bedtime stories.

God helped me to realize that my job provides me with an opportunity to interact with many people on a daily basis. I have so many opportunities to add a personal touch by looking beyond the surface and to the true needs of each client. However, I must be willing to allow God to use me in all of my social interactions as opposed to leaving Him at my office door. Each day I can make an impact as long I continue to seek ways to add a personal touch. Each day I can do what I love by capitalizing on every opportunity to share God's word.

So, today remember that we must not restrict ourselves to our mere job description. Every position that God places us in affords us an opportunity to tap into the relational and spiritual needs of those that cross our path. We must choose to extend beyond the surface and invite the Holy Spirit to add depth and meaning to each of our interactions. God will finish what He's started. We may not be doing what we want to do, but we can rest assured that whatever He has us doing right now is for good purpose. We don't have to condition ourselves to this world. We can be "soft" despite the calloused world that we live in because we're covered in His Grace. We'll face attacks, but we can trust God to contend with those who strive to serve as stumbling blocks in our life. Regardless, of what your "job" is you have an option to add a personal touch, but you must have the courage to take it and the wisdom to recognize that God will cause you to bloom right where you're planted if you let Him.

Written by Ashley Ivery