A Simple Reminder: He's Coming

God's Creating a Piece of Art

Consider how the sun and the moon settle (if only for split seconds) into their positions each day. It’s a process; there is a beginning, middle, and an end. A set of actions that afford us the opportunity to view the bright sun during the day and the solemn moon at night. What if the sun didn’t take the time to rise and set each day? Although we would receive the same benefits from the sun just appearing and disappearing each day, we would miss the beauties in the transition. The transition that offers us a glimpse of seeing waves of pinks and oranges that stain the sky’s canvas as the sun fades into the horizon & peeks into each day. It’s the process that creates those vivid images. Imagine if we simply became, there would be no masterpieces, nothing to appreciate, nothing to look back and thank God for.
God does not simply place us in perfection or in our desires; we must learn and journey towards it. It takes time…
The same goes for our future husband. In Genesis 2: 8-23, we see that although God had the ability to make Eve appear He didn’t. There was work to be done. He could have sped up the process and had Eve among the creations that Adam named, but again he didn’t. There was a masterpiece to be created.
God can position us in front of our future husband at any time, but God wants us to finish the work that is in front of us. He wants to take His time and create a piece of art that we can marvel at. Adam appreciated the process and proclaimed, “This is at last bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman because she was taken out of Man” (Genesis 2:23). I believe we all want to be able to proclaim that we are ‘one’ with our husbands’…bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. To experience this, we must remember it takes time. Don’t settle for the knock-off because its there, or the half finished product. Dismiss the lies that your piece of art has been discarded or there isn’t one out there for you. God is in the process of sculpting, molding, and staining your future mate as we speak. The refreshing thing is that His hands will have touched every part of him if you let Him finish his work.
He’s coming; God’s working. Whenever you get impatient or think that God has forgotten about you look at the sunrise or sunset and remember the piece of art in the sky. Your creation is coming. 

Chanale Propst is a  woman of God who is truly enjoying every step in her walk with God. Her aim in life is to put God first, and to remove any distractions that will prevent her from doing this. She is in love with Christ, and desperately wants women to experience this love as well. By unfolding her wings and soaring to Christ, Chanale hopes to encourage and inspire women on their journey. You can find her blogging at www.soaringtogodsrealm.blogspot.com encouraging every young girl and woman to unfold their wings.