Beauty Food: Bananas

Tired of acne?

Are you sick of the scars that are left behind?

Want a product that’s easy, affordable, and effective?

Well, look no further. Say goodbye to expensive chemically packed facial products. This skincare breakthrough can be found right in the luxury of your own home. The banana peel facial mask has been proven over the years to work miracles for your skin. Not only does it clear and prevent acne, it also clears any scaring left from previous breakouts. Banana peels are packed with a great source of potassium and antioxidants, which helps your skin look young, fresh, and radiant.

As an adult, I assumed once my teenage years were over, my acne would be too. I was sadly mistaken. Oftentimes, I actually felt as though my acne worsened as I matured. Through tons of research and mostly changing my diet, I was able to get my acne under control. However, every so often I do have minor breakouts. Recently, I had one and although my acne cleared up pretty fast, the scars that were left behind didn’t. So, I tried the banana peel facial mask. After doing it a few times, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin. My blemishes were fading and my skin was smoother and softer.

Now it’s your turn. Give it a try!

Simply take the peel and rub the inside of it on your skin until the peel turns brown. Leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Afterwards, use your regular moisturizer to moisturize your face. Use this mask every day for maximum results.

Before you throw away that banana peel, use it to improve your skin. Tackle acne and scars with the banana peel facial mask and be on your way to clearer skin!

Kieya Hudson is a firm believer that intimacy with the Lord is the absolute purpose for life. She's passionate about encouraging young women and men to nurture their body, soul, and spirit with the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Her hobbies are photography, singing, and going to Starbucks.  You can find her tweeting @kieyalaurelle. Everyday, her life's anthem is: "Walk in His love. Run to His light. Follow Him to new life."