Pursued: For the Everyday Woman of God with Danielle Erwin

I’ve always been a sucker for a good fairytale.

Growing up on stories about men in shining armor with trusty steeds coming to rescue his long lost love really set the stage for me and relationships. Even though as a child, I knew fairytales weren’t real…I still believed them.

Then I grew up and discovered the world of romance novels and movies. Boy, Hollywood directors and best-selling authors sure have a way of selling dreams! As the credits would roll or I would finish up the last chapter in romance book, I realized that the little girl that believed in fairytales was still very much alive within me.

So it’s no wonder I spent far too much time in relationships that were going nowhere.
I believed in fairytales.

It’s really no big surprise that I spent so much time looking for someone to love me the way I had read about or seen in movies.

I believed in fairytales.

Ironically, the whole time I was busy believing in fairytales and trying to create one for myself…I was oblivious to the fact that I was already starring in the greatest love story ever.

The whole time I was busy pursuing men, love, relationships, degrees, a career, a family…God was busy pursuing me. His pursuit began over 2,000 years ago, on a wooden cross atop a lonely hill.

But even before that…before time began, God sat down and wrote our love story. He wrote every detail of my life and every detail of His pursuit for me. He wrote about all the different things and people that I would pursue and all the other things and people who would pursue me.
I remember the exact moment I realized just how real His pursuit of me was. All this time I had been expecting a knight in shining armor but to my surprise, my rescuer appeared in bloodied crown of thorns.

He slayed every dragon that stood between Him and I.

He broke down every wall that I had built to keep Him out while I pursued other people and other things.

He fought for me.

He died for me.

He rose for me.

He pursued me.

He pursues me.

Pursued is a women’s organization created for ages 18 and over regardless of relationship status. Aptly titled Pursued, the organization aims to help women recognize their role in the greatest love story ever. While the organization is based out of Charlotte, NC, Pursued has an online social media site, which enables women from across the globe to come together as daughters of the King.

The God-given theme and objective for Pursed is to help women to live lives that are truly reflective of the God we serve. Through blogs, videos, bi-monthly meetings and live-streamed events, Pursued is an everyday experience for women of all walks of life.
Pursued goes beyond the typical women’s ministry by offering multiple campaigns and initiatives to further help women live lives reflective of God. Here is a quick look at some of those initiatives:
  • Leadership Program: This 6 month leadership program is designed to help women craft and use their God-given leadership skills and abilities. Open to women across the globe, this program tackles tough leadership topics such as, “The Art of Listening and Speaking”, “Defense without Offense”, “Launching a Ministry” and many more.
  • Rubies: Geared towards middle school and high school aged girls, Rubies is designed to create leaders within the school systems while building self-esteem, confidence and strengthening ones self-worth. Set to launch in August of 2013, Rubies aims to directly impact the next generation of women through love, support and mentorship.
  • I’m Worth The Wait Campaign: With a launch date of July 4, 2013; I’m Worth The Wait campaign is designed to let every woman and every girl know that they are worth the wait! With so much pressure to engage in sexual activity outside of marriage, this campaign aims to help women and girls see themselves as God sees them. By building confidence, self-esteem and self-worth through the use of t-shirts, blogs, video and more, this campaign transcends age!

For more information on Pursued and any of the above initiatives and campaigns, please visit www.iampursued.org. You can also email Pursued directly at pursuedcharlotte@gmail.com

As a writer, speaker, sister, daughter, servant and friend, Danielle operates daily by the saying, "find a whole and fill it." With a heart for women of all ages, Danielle uses the God-given ministry Pursued to encourage women to live lives that are reflective of the one, true God. Her writings are filled with transparency and authenticity in an effort to inspire change and healing in the lives of others. You can connect with Danielle at www.iampursued.org or on twitter at @Elle_OVE.

A woman that is secure in who she is and who God has created and called her to be will always be in pursuit of the right things. - D. Erwin