The Beauty of a Weed

The dandelion now stands a chance at becoming my favorite flower. Not because of its beauty, it's color, or name, but because of what it represents.

Considered a weed, dandelions are viewed as pests, vermin, and annoyances. Over the years, sprays and other defense forms have been created to kill our perfect garden's enemy. But why is this poor flower treated so harshly? Probably because it is quite the invasive species…

A dandelion grows as any flower does. Rooted in the ground; water and sunshine make it grow. It grows into a small flower with countless sun-yellow petals. It thrives for some time and dies as other flowers do. But a dandelion's death gives way to new life almost immediately. Where the yellow flower once stood now stands a white puffball. A circle made entirely of small seeds ready to fly away at the slightest breeze. Each seed makes a new home for itself and does its best to grow and perpetuate the cycle, but they have no choice of where to land. They simply grow where the wind places them.

Wonderful, I've recounted the life of thousands of weeds across the world... And for what? For this... Consider Christ for a moment. Sent down to earth to redeem mankind for God. The word became flesh, said John. Isaiah 55 says, "I send [my word] out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it." Are you starting to catch my drift?

Christ was planted, raised, and died. He grew into a flawless, spirit-filled man who so clearly reflected His Father. Quite similar to the dandelion that grows into a beautiful flower that resembles the color of the sun. In the prime of his life, he died. But the word did not die with him. No, it gave way to new life brought about through his sacrifice. The apostles and other followers, as seeds of the flower blown about, went wherever the spirit led. "You will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere... To the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8)" They had little choice of where they ended up, but they knew that they would plant the seed they'd been given and allow it to grow.

Christ was also seen as a weed. An invasive vermin that threatened society… An antidote was created that would surely rid the world of this pesky plant... The cross. But just as weed repellent does not always do the trick; the cross did little to keep Christ from spreading.

So rather than scowl every time you see a dandelion, try praising God instead. For just as we shall never cease to proclaim the gospel, neither will that little weed.

Kira Echeandia is a recent graduate of Lebanon Valley College who intends to spend the next year serving God and people in Houston, TX through a missions organization known as Mission Year. She intends to pursue a Master's in International Development, and pursues writing as a dearly beloved hobby.