Tattoo It On Your Hand

We’ve all had seasons of life where it feels like we are being tested. Though mentally, physically, and spiritually drained an avalanche of trouble continues to freely fall. We say, “When it rains, it pours,” and brace ourselves the best we can and hope for an end.

Have you been there recently? I have. When circumstances get difficult it is tempting to take our eyes off Jesus and instead rely on logic, emotions, or even advice from friends. Often difficult situations scream at us and push us into an instant irrational panic mode. Though such a response is understandable, the truth is, God desires for us to stay level headed even when our world turns upside down.

As Christians we should find our security in God alone, for with God we can face any circumstance with the knowledge that: God is always working for our good (Romans 8:28), He will never leave us alone and will help us (Is 41:10) , He will direct and guide us. (Prov 3:6). God’s promises are true and the knowledge of them can provide comfort through the fiercest of storms. The problem is, if we do not hide God’s word in our heart through memorization, we often don’t have these words of comfort and wisdom when we need them most.

This last week I had a “moment.” Things were not going in my favor, and honestly, life just knocked the wind out of me. I have many verses memorized that I rely and bank on during these types of days, but I needed something prominent to remind me to keep an eternal perspective. So... I gave myself a hand tattoo that reflected what I needed my heart to so desperately remember.

“Make Jesus happy, everything else is TEMPORARY.”

My life situations were a mess, but in comparison to pursuing a right relationship with God, the messes were temporary. In the long run where I live, what’s in my bank account, who my friends are, what people think of me and what my job is-- do not matter. Even though all those things dominate the majority of my time right now-- they are temporary things. What matters most, in each and every situation is so ridiculously simple, yet, so terribly hard to zero in when temptations and distractions arise.

So, if you’re going through a season, let me encourage you to tattoo the truth on your hand. Remember, hardships will come, and eventually, they will pass. But, Jesus remains the same, today, yesterday and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Stay focused.

Christina Stolaas is a 30 year old who is addicted to Jesus, Coffee, and Running. She's a mom to four energetic kids who she adores, and wife to one wonderful husband of almost 10 years! Christina is a sunday school teacher to youth, is actively involved in womens ministry and uses her gift of writing wherever God opens the doors! She is passionate about seeing God redeem our mess into a message of hope to others.