Serving My King

The Day I Say "I Do"

I have an entire board on Pinterest called “future and beyond” dedicated to this day, and if you have caught the Pinterest bug and are not yet married, chances are you probably have a similar Pinterest board. However, even before Pinterest fueled our thoughts of our future wedding day, most of us girls have spent a good bit of time thinking about the day – it’s almost apart of being a girl.

I hope I will marry a man who is not only gorgeous on the outside, but has a heart that pursues Christ. I pray that he is a man who is strong and secure enough in His relationship with His King, to lead me. My prayer is that he will be the person I can serve the LORD the most with, and God's vision for His life will be suitable with the path God has called me to walk on. I pray this man will not be perfect, but will set His eyes and heart on the One who is perfect and will live His life modeled after the perfect lover – Jesus Christ.

My dream for my wedding day is to create a day solely dedicated to making God’s name famous (like any other day should be). So rather than fix my heart on what kinds of flowers I will have, or how to make sure my day is picture perfect, I hope my heart will be fixed on the beauty of Jesus and the wonderful gift He has entrusted to me on that day – the heart of His son, my future husband. I hope it will be a day when I can show honor to my parents for training me to love Jesus, for putting up with me, and loving me unconditionally. I hope I would be true to my vow to save my first kiss till the altar so I can be an example of purity to the younger generation of girls whose hearts I have been entrusted with. I hope my groom will see in me a radiance that will not come from my makeup or the white dress, but radiance found in a woman who is in relentless pursuit of her Savior.

If the LORD blesses me with the privilege of being married, I dream of having a Christ-centered wedding day, and that dream helps me not obsess over wedding boards on Pinterest, or make a wedding day my ultimate goal. Instead, I choose to intentionally focus on serving my King through the ordinariness of my everyday life. Although my wedding day will be a special day, it is just like any other day – an opportunity to serve and bring glory to my King.

[photo credit: Shannon Lee Miller]

Salem Afangideh is a second year law student that moved from Nigeria, Africa to Alabama. Her passions include pursuing and being pursued by Jesus, fighting against human trafficking, bringing justice and compassion to wherever God leads her, speaking and writing to encourage others in their relationships with the LORD. When she is not too busy studying you can find her blogging at or on instagram @afro_princess.