Yielding to the Process

I attended a state of the market address in an effort to gain more insight about our current real estate market. After a grueling 2 hours of statistics, predictions, and trends the economist ended the presentation stating, “So…in a nutshell 2013 is going to look a lot like 2012.”

Seven percent. I have a 7% chance of selling the homes that I list. I work with re-sale residential properties and they don’t stand a chance with the influx of new construction sprouting up every day. Home values are down. Sellers don’t have any money. Lending regulations are strict. It’s depressing.

I started asking God to help me understand why I’m still here…in this position...doing this job…why? Clearly, He sees that I’m unhappy. I’m not passionate about real estate and each day it gets harder and harder to do my job with a good attitude. Why did He fill my heart with such vision and purpose only to keep me in this position? Why can’t I just get out there and start doing what He’s called me to do? Why?

God helped me to realize that He would love nothing more than to put me in my dream position of service to Him, but I’m not ready.

When we start our walk with Christ we undergo a demolition period. In some ways it feels like our world is being turned upside down, but really He’s setting us upright. We’re under construction. There are various phases of construction. The foundation must be deemed solid, sound, and capable of withstanding the pressure that the future home will place on it. Once the home is built numerous inspections must be passed prior to a home being declared “safe and habitable.” It’s a process.

We’re each at various stages within the construction period. Some are still laying the foundation, some may be reviewing the blueprint trying to decide if God is the “builder” they want to use, and others may very well be laying the final touches on their home. Wherever you’re at in the stage of construction God doesn’t want to keep you there. He wants you to pass the inspections and proceed to the next stage of construction, but too often we take short-cuts. We skimp on quality material and choose cheap substitutes and in doing so we compromise the integrity of our home.

We skimp on quality time with God and choose cheap substitutes to help fill the voids in our life instead of trusting our process to God and His timing. We get into works of the flesh and start trying to make stuff happen on our own because this process with God is just taking too long.

We need to pass the inspections, but it requires that we yield to the process and forgo our personal timeline. God wants to advance us because in doing so He places us in a position to further advance His kingdom, but if we aren’t structurally sound then we won’t have what it takes to maintain and sustain our structure.

If God gives us that ideal job, but we haven’t endured anything to get it…we may lack the characteristics—patience, perseverance, loyalty, steadfastness, faith—that it may take to keep us in that job. After all…that’s what we’re developing…right now…during our “under construction” period. He’s honing the characteristics that He knows we need to be successful. God wants us to be successful. He sees us. He is for us. He’s provided us with a glimpse of His purpose for us to fill us with the hope we need to get through the trying days. He wants to give us hope to remind us of what He has planned for us. He wants to give us this hope so we don’t skimp and take shortcuts during the construction phase….We need to be as structurally sound, solid, and strong as we can be to weather the storms that a life lived for Christ will bring.

So, today…be encouraged. Whatever phase of construction you’re in be reminded that God sees you. He has not forgotten about you. He knows what you are longing for and He wants to bring those visions to fruition, but you must commit yourself to the process. You must decide that no matter how long it takes…you’re committed to partnering with God and allowing Him to take you through each phase of construction until His vision is completely realized within you. Stay focused. Our structures are each unique—different floor plans, square foot ranges, and styles. We've each been “zoned” for various uses—some may be residential while others are commercial, but regardless if God wants to use you…let Him. Yield to the process. Trust His timing.

[photo credit: Shannon Lee Miller]

Ashley Ivery is a single mother of two brilliant children, Aiden and Devyn, with an overwhelming desire to empower women and help them to realize the importance of a relationship with God. Through her writing she hopes to encourage women to claim their strength and value in Christ. She graduated from Fayetteville State University in 2012 with a BS in Psychology. Her motto is: "Be Authentic. Live Honestly. Dispel Light."