Colors of Glory

Have you ever wondered what God was doing "up there" when it comes to your life and purpose? Have loneliness and the feeling of being forgotten crept inside your heart in the midst of your pain and the trials you may be facing?

Well, you are not alone.

Recently, while I was praying the Holy Spirit lovingly revealed to me that I had become disappointed with God because things were taking longer than I had hoped in my life. I did not even realize that it was possible to be disappointed with God. I mean, hello: He is the Creator of the universe – all wise, all just, all knowing God. I had some nerve. However, in my frailty God understood my weakness.

Have you ever felt this way before? Trials have a way of making us bitter or better. Sometimes when the waiting period of obtaining the manifestation of the promise takes longer than we thought, we start to lose hope. The enemy starts whispering in our ears that what God has promised will not come to pass and that the pain will never go away.

Something I have learned in my life is that pain is beneficial. Huh? Yes. God allows our pain for His glory. He allows the hurt so that we will be able to more effectively minister to others with a heart of compassion. He uses it so that we will grow.

God brought me to a verse that I have seen many times, but never quite looked at it this way:

Psalm 139:5 (Amplified Bible)
"My frame was not hidden from
You when I was being formed in
the secret [and] intricately and
curiously wrought [as if
embroidered with various colors]
in the depths of the earth [a
region of darkness and

Usually Psalm 139:5 is read from the perspective of God forming you in your mother's womb and knowing you from the foundations of the earth. However, the analogy could also be made that the womb is the place where our destinies are incubated and the pain and trials are like the birth pangs we feel in order to birth our destinies.

In the womb of incubated destiny and the birth pangs of trial, God is intricately molding and recreating you into a beautiful masterpiece in the secret place until it's time for your life to be put on display. God has not forgotten you. You are encircled in His presence.

In the regions of darkness and mystery God is intricately molding and restoring you. Behind the scenes, in the depths of the earth, God is embroidering your life with the colors of heaven-breathtaking, beautiful colors. God is using the dark places of your pain, confusion, and turmoil to color your destiny with the colors of the Kingdom-righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

God has promised to restore everything that the enemy has stolen in your life. Seven times the peace, joy, health, or whatever you are believing God for. This New Year, let's press in even more to the promises of God knowing that He is faithfully embroidering our destinies with colors of glory.

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About the Author :

Endya Joy is a young woman on the journey to becoming a future physician. With a passion for ministering to girls and young women, she desires to be a vessel in which God uses to heal the whole person. She is a girly girl, has a slight obsession with books, and dreams of traveling the world one day. God and family are everything.

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