There it is again.

That feeling.

This feeling isn't just a feeling, but a hunger- for more.

More of God and less of me. [click to tweet]

And unlike any earthly appetite, our hearts can never be fully satisfied if we feed and nourish them with the right and godly things. We were created like this for a reason. We will always want more. We are supposed to constantly be hungry for God, though! He wants us to run after Him as He relentlessly pursues us. He wants us to constantly chase after Him as He continues to draw near to us. When we are aware of this and are constantly fighting reality while we continue to live out our faith, it's nearly impossible not to be hungry.

However, when we feed our hearts a serving of our own selfish desires, we seem to get full and selfishly satisfied. Sure, we are perfectly imperfect. Of course we are going to mess up and our focus is going to become shifted to unnecessary, earthly things. But don't make that your excuse. Don't be satisfied.

Feed your heart with Jesus. Spend time with Him. Invite Him in. Even if you don't hear the voice of the all-knowing God, know that He is still there. Sometimes the only thing the Lord wants us to do is to sit, wait, and listen. We serve an omnipotent, transcending God, and I can assure you that if there's one thing He will never do, He will never leave you, nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6 , my friends. "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you,” [NIV]. No matter how much we may reject and ignore Him at times, He is still there. He is waiting. And He is yours.

Our hearts belong to the One who created us, not in the reality of which we live. [click to tweet]

God shows us so much grace and provides us with chance, after chance, after chance-not because He pities us, but because He cares for us. These chances allow us to become stronger from the battles we fight and lose so that we can face the next round of them with the courage and strength needed in order to defeat them- for good- with our faith as our sword and our hearts as our shield; the perfect armor.

Ladies, let me tell you a little something. We are women of faith and we are warriors. We are called to learn how to fight the battles that Satan enjoys throwing our way. Just because we fall does not mean we aren't strong enough to get back up [click to tweet]. We are strong enough and we will get back up. Know this. Believe this. live this out! Allow me to let you in on a little something else as well: the more we feed and nurture ourselves with the right and godly things, the stronger our faith lives become and the easier it gets to stomp all over Satan and say, "You have no power over me. You do not control me. You have lost this battle, and you will continue to lose the rest of them, because God always wins and I will always fight for Him. I am His and He is mine." Take that, Satan.

Fight for your faith ladies. God is always on your side. 

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Emily Townsend is a 20 year old southern girl who has a heart for loving Jesus, loving others, and serving the world. She is currently pursuing a career in ministry as she continues to fall madly in love with Jesus by the day. Emily is also obsessed with books, coffee, koalas, Pinterest, Pilates, and weddings. Her daily dose of life consists of a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus. You can also find her blogging on her personal blog The Joy of My Joy.

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