Sin Sickness

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Dear friend,

There is a sickness in this world that is worse than cancer, worse than AIDS. Rather than attacking the physical body, this sickness attacks deep within, eating away at the very souls of men and women. While one may look healthy on the outside, on the inside one is broken, battered, bruised and bleeding. Jesus referred to this sickness in Luke 5, when He said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” What was He speaking of? Quite simply, the sickness of sin! The end result of this horrific disease goes beyond mere death.  Dying from this ailment means eternity in hell. However, I have good news for you today! There is a cure to this sickness, but only one. There is only one medicine that can banish it forever. And what could that be? The blood of Jesus!  How is His blood applied? Well, by calling on His name and asking Him to do the job.  It is that simple. Do not wait another moment, do not give sin another second to eat away at your soul.  Call on Jesus today, ask Him to set you free.  He will do it, no questions asked.

For 24-year-old Nompulelo, life was a constant roller coaster+ of emptiness and frustration. A single mother of two, she was tired of living the same, sinful way. Nompulelo was searching for more. When she heard our MATATIELE Gospel Crusade being advertised on the local radio station, she became eager to attend. “I could not resist coming,” she said. “While I was not sick physically, I assure you I was sick spiritually. I had countless boyfriends, drank alcohol and went to clubs. I was doing many bad things.” The night she came to the crusade, was the night her life changed forever. “I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour,” she explained, bubbling with joy. “During the prayer I felt warmth all over my body. I felt guilty because of the wrong things I have done, but then, such relief and freedom.” Excited about her new future in Christ, she desires to serve Jesus with everything she has and is. “I want to tell people about Him. I can see myself joining the worship team and serving God wholeheartedly.” Nompulelo is now a living testimony of our Lord’s life-changing love!

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About the Author :

Tamryn Klintworth is the founder of In His Name Ministries an evangelistic organization devoted to winning Africa and the world for Jesus, through the holding of mass crusades. She resides in Cape Town, South Africa.