My Top 5 Colors for Summer

Alright, I'll be probably the only person to admit it: I'm not a fan of summer. We have a bad relationship together. The heat. The hair frizz. The sweat. The sunburns. Terrible. However, when it comes to beauty, it's a gold mine. Just walk outside and there's a whole array of vibrant hues to look at. It's the perfect time of year to translate the beauty outside to your own natural beauty. Here are my top five colors for beauty inspired by summer time.
  • Teal: This color instantly inspired me when I was at the beach last week. It's vibrant, fun, and can be completely unexpected when applied in certain ways. My favorite way to wear teal is by applying a golden shadow to my upper eye lids and applying teal eye shadow or liner to my lower lash line. It's that unexpected pop of color without looking like a clown or like you just stepped out of the 80s. This look is reminiscent of the golden beaches with the crystal waters. And let's be real: it looks like a mermaid. Who doesn't love that?
  • Deep Purple: Okay. I know what you're thinking. This is a fall color. While I do love dark purple for fall, it's one of my absolute favorite colors to wear in the summer. First of all, it complements tan skin beautifully. Second, I think of it as the summer version of fall's black nails, leather jackets, and combat boots. It's cool, relaxed, rebellious, and incredibly chic. You'll find dark purple on my nails all the time throughout the summer. But if dark nails don't float your boat, try deep purple eye shadow. It's one of the most universal eye looks out there. It looks great on every eye, skin, and hair color. Please, please, please: don't go through summer without at least trying this color out. You won't regret it.
  • White: It's the summer classic. Think white dresses and denim, linens, and big clouds. It's light, breezy, and easy-going. Try using a white nail polish for a chic and modern use on the color. Also, my other favorite place to wear white is on the eyes. Use a white eyeliner on the lower waterline of your eyes to make them look bigger and brighter. One of my other favorite tricks is to take a white shimmery eye shadow and sweep it on the brow bone and the tear ducts to highlight and brighten my eyes. You can even swipe it on your cupid's bow and the center of your lips to make them look a little bigger as well.
  • Gold: I read about this color being a trend every summer, and for good reason. It complements tans, is a great summer neutral, looks glamorous, and it's sparkly. And girls love their sparkles. While gold is typically used as an accessory through jewelry, it can also be used as an accessory in your beauty looks. Swipe gold glitter polish on your nails, or even just one nail, over a more vibrant nail color for a fun touch of sparkle to your manicure. You can also swipe a subtle gold eye shadow on your cheek bone to achieve that beautiful, glowy summer skin.
  • Red: When I think about red beauty looks, I  think about the emotions it evokes: boldness, passion, fearlessness, and confidence. I love adding touches of red to my outfits, makeup looks, or even my interior d├ęcor, for a little inspiration when I need a pick-me-up. That's why red is so great for summer. It matches the vibrancy that's outside and gives you the confidence you need to conquer the day. Wearing it on your lips at night is classic and gorgeous, but wearing a matte shade of red lipstick with minimal makeup is a cool and effortless way to wear it in the day time.
Hopefully you'll give at least one of these colors a go this season. And don't be afraid to mix them as well. Gold glitter nail polish looks great over dark purple or white nails. Use the white shadow to highlight your eyes and swipe on some red lipstick for a cool look. And always remember: these colors aren't meant to overpower you. They're meant to bring out your own beauty that you, and only you, can flaunt.

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Ashlyn Cooper is a small town girl with a big heart for family, laughter, and all things beautiful. This history nerd enjoys taking walks, yoga, delicious food, and of course, fashion and beauty. She desires most to see a world where women have true and deep relationships with themselves through Christ.
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