I Loved You First

I love you!
Ah, but I loved you first.
And that was that.
It was not a ping pong of words
Or a guessing game of who would hang up first
It was, I loved you first and there was no competing with that
This love for us was paid with a price that we could not live long enough to pay back
I loved you first coated in past tense
formed and expanded before we even knew what this love could look like
He felt it towards us
Unconditional and guideline free
I loved you first
I loved you first
I loved you first
Close your eyes.
Imagine being loved before anyone earthly knew you would exist
Before you were a squirming ray of life in her womb
You see,
there is no competing with that...
It graciously just is.

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About the Author :

Originally from Northern California, attending Azusa Pacific University Arielle has been captivated by the SoCal sun. She loves a good cup of coffee and conversation that ignites. In her spare time she writes poetry for the soul as a ministry and performs it on little sanctuary like stages for healing. Check out her website: Chroniclesofalioness.com