Quick Hairstyles For The Busy Girl

Whether you wanted to sleep in, slept past your alarm, or just simply didn't feel like taking a long time to fix your hair, we all need a couple hairstyles on hand to do in a hurry- without looking like it was done in a hurry. These styles are quick, simple, and can look effortlessly pulled together. They also work in any situation. You can wear a sock bun or twisted ponytail to work, or you can wear a sock bun or braid while running errands. So go right ahead. Sleep in for those few extra minutes, and get some rest you deserve!

  • Sock Bun. I can't tell you how many people have asked how I do my sock bun and then don't believe me when I tell them how easy it is. There are tons of tutorials online on how to do it and plenty of different techniques, so if mine doesn't work, just try another! I simply cut the toe off of a sock and roll it into a donut shape. I put my hair up into a ponytail and simply slip the donut over the elastic. Then I take the ponytail and cover the donut up with hair, hide the ends under the bun, and pin the ends into place. Make sure to spray any flyaways down with hairspray do it doesn't look messy.
  •  Braids. You've probably been doing them since you were little, and they're still fun to do now. There are tons of different types of braids from the French braid, rope braid, and fishtail, and you can do them down the middle, on the side, in a bun, etc. The more modern and grown up way to do braids are to mess them up a little and make sure they're more loose, which is perfect for those hectic mornings or for dirty hair that didn't get a chance to get washed.
  • Half Up Braid. Speaking of braids, this is one of my new favorite hairstyles I've been doing recently. I just take a small section of hair on both sides of my part, braid both pieces, and tie it in the back. The messier your hair looks, the cooler and more laid back it looks. It's pretty, carefree, and super easy.
  • Twisted Ponytail. This one probably works better for second day hair that's already been straightened or curled the day before. Just simply put your hair into a low ponytail. Next, separate your hair into two sections above the elastic, and tuck the ponytail up through the section you've made. There you go: a pretty twisted ponytail.
  • Accessories. This is probably the easiest way to cover up dirty or messy hair. Sun hats are making a huge comeback right now and while they obviously serve a practical purpose, they're fun and effortlessly cool.  Also, headbands are getting more and more popular, coming in different colors, prints, etc. Accessories look more put together and like you actually put some thought into it, even though you probably didn't. It's your little secret.

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