Summer Glow

As we're drawing closer to the more intense heat and humidity of the summer season, I figured it was probably time to write about some tips to help your makeup avoid the oily and melted look. The real thing to remember is that in the summer time, less is more. The last thing our faces need is to be covered in thick foundations and makeup, which just makes it look even goopier the moment we step outside. Summer is all about looking effortlessly fresh and glowy.
  • Prime. One of the easiest and quickest ways to avoid getting oily makeup is by priming before even applying the makeup. By using a mattifying primer, it blocks the oil on our skin from seeping through the makeup. It also allows the makeup to have something to adhere to, making it last longer and look fresher throughout our busy days.
  • BB Cream. This one is particularly by preference, but if you're anything like me, foundations are just too thick and cakey- especially for the summer heat and humidity. If you are one of these people, BB creams are wonderful! They have enough coverage to even out and perfect skin tone without overdoing it. Most even come with a built in sunscreen, so it's just an added bonus.
  • Powder. This one is kind of a given, but still worth mentioning. When applying an oil-controlling powder over foundation or BB cream, it helps absorb the oil and keep shine at bay. It also helps keep the makeup from sliding or greasing up, which is never a great look on anybody. And remember that the same goes for blush. Cream formulas will just slide right off the face. Powder ones will stay more and last longer.
  • Eyes. If you're an eyeliner lover, try wearing a gel formula. These usually tend to not smudge or smear around the eyes- no matter how sweaty or oily your skin may get. If a gel formula isn't your favorite, try a waterproof liquid formula instead. Remember: waterproof is the key part here.
  • Lips. Okay, so lips don't always suffer the most when faced with heat and humidity, but we're talking about staying power here and I figured this was worth a mention. Lip stains are a must if you're looking for a good, long-lasting lip color. My favorite formulas are by Revlon. Their balm stains come in plenty of fun colors, as well as matte and shiny textures. And they moisturize as well, and who doesn't love that? But lip stains can be found in low and high end stores, so use whatever formula suits you. This is such a great way to play with color without having the sacrifice the longevity or constant touch-ups throughout the day.

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