Summertime Modesty

"Is this too short?"
 If you have ever had to ask yourself  or your friend that question, it probably is too short.

Summer is here and with it comes the heat, cold ice cream and a lot of time by at least some form of water; the beach, water parks, the pool, a lake or maybe just your bathtub. And with the beauty of summer also comes dresses, sandals, shorts, skirts and swimsuits.

Simply stated, dresses are a cure to the "I hit the snooze button too many times" kind of morning or for the "I don't know what to wear to this thing" event. Dresses are just simple and I love them. The fashion industry has done a great job providing women with a great variety of style of dresses; maxi dresses, midi dresses, peplum dresses, stripes, prints, floral, polka dots, etc. There are so many to choose from, but on a recent shopping trip I became frustrated when I realized most of our summer dresses are extremely short, which leaves a Christian girl like me wondering Can I wear this?”  

Since it's summer, I don't always want to have to wear leggings under a cute dress because it's too short. Or I don't always want to wear flats with a short dress to balance the length to legs ratio. I wondered why can't they (whoever they are) just make dresses that are cute but not so short that they resemble shirts.

I did find some cute dresses but again, I would have to modify them in order to wear them comfortably without worrying about the length.

Here are few tips I found for dressing modestly:

1) Include the Lord Jesus in your wardrobe

- I am in constant conversation with the Lord, whether it is at work, in the car or at the store I am constantly including Him in what I am doing. So when I go shopping before I even purchase that too-close-for-comfort-short-skirt or that cute-but-revealing-shirt or even that in-fashion-but-uncomfortably-tight dress  I just stop, take a moment and include the Lord in that moment. It is as simple as asking your friend, "Hey, what do you think of this shirt?" If you ask the Lord, trust me, He will answer you because you chose to include Him in your daily life.

You will not only save your time (Having to return the item at the mall) but you will also save your money (You never actually wear this item and it sits in your closet). It’s better to not have temptation as an option in our closet.

2) Include the Lord as you're choosing your outfit for the day 

- Many of us have items in our closets, based on our body types. Depending where we are going, we might have to modify a few pieces to complete "the look". Sometimes it's throwing a jacket over a shirt, or a tank top under a dress, or a shirt or leggings under a too short dress, or skipping the leggings because you are going to the beach. Every day and every moment requires an outfit. If you include Him in your outfit choices, not only will the Lord come up with some creative combination of pieces, but He will also gently remind you to fix certain things before you step out the door.

3) Pray about it!

- Everything we do stems from the heart. And everything we do as Christians should be to glorify God the Father. Yes, even down to how we represent Him in our clothing. Can you imagine a United States Ambassador showing up to an international gala dressed in scrumpy clothes? There would be criticism and speculation on our country, because he or she is our representative.

So pray about it. If you see yourself always heading towards the skin tight barely there clothing, honestly sit down and ask the Lord why is it that you want to wear that kind of clothing. Remember: what we put on our body tells a lot about how we want the world to see us and to treat us.

4) Ask a trustworthy Godly friend for an outfit check

- If that person lives with you, it will make it easier. If you are married, ask your spouse. If you are maybe meeting your friend, it's never too late, ask her how you look and if it looks good, then great! If you missed something that you simply didn’t see, then next time you know for that outfit. I know many people might be rolling their eyes thinking, "I'm not doing that. I am an adult! I include my friends in my style when I want to. But this is my body and I can dress however I want to." Well, if you are a Christian and you believe on the Word of God and the Word is your guide, the Bible says that we are not our own. Our bodies are not even our own, we were brought with a high price, which is the Blood of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 6:20).


Basics you should always keep in your closet:

1) Tank tops (Different colored ones are good) but white, black and tan are basics.

2) Under Shorts (Again for short dresses).

3) Stockings (It's not your Mom's stockings anymore, so many varieties now so play around with them).

*Sometimes high heels, bare legs and short skirts or dresses are not the best outfit combinations. You can always throw on a skin-colored stocking to make the look more elegant*

4) Leggings (Not a big fan of these for Summer but for Fall and Winter works great under things)

That is it! I just thought I would share my little experiences with you all. Hope this helps!

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About the Author :

Pwendy Fenelus is in love with Jesus. She currently resides on Long Island, New York with her dog Bella. She leads Worship at her church and also enjoys anything with the Fine Arts; Singing, Dancing, etc. Pwendy is a Social Worker and soon to be Masters of Social Work Student. In her spare time, Pwendy loves DIY projects, watching funny Youtube Videos and Vlogs, anything to do with being outside on a sunny day, and she also has a slight obsession with the taste of coffee.