8 Fashion Myths You Should Break Now

We all love to follow fashion and new trends. The most exciting thing in our house that pleases us and brings a smile on our face is our wardrobe. However, fashion myth is the main hindrance between us and our fashion desires. These fashion myths that women tend to follow can seriously slow down our wardrobe growth. There are styles we wish to carry, but fashion rules say no to us, and there we are, looking for any other alternative. It is time to break those rules so that you can wear and carry whatever you feel like.

Myth #1 Your bag should match your shoes
Seriously? Mix and match of bag and shoes look absolutely trendy. If you are wearing a red dress, carrying a black bag and want to wear blue wedges, go for it. In fact, it is a great way to look differently stylish without matching up bag and shoes.

Myth #2 Navy and black are not friends
Navy and black, both are neutral colors and neutral colors complement each other in a great way. There was an early thought that they look odd, but hey, that is history. Wear these both colors to look a Fashionista.

Myth #3 Horizontal stripes don’t look good
Now who says this? Stripes are flattering. Just make sure to know what kind of stripes you should go for according with your body type. The key to looking good in stripes is to pick the right type and silhouette. If you are on a slimmer side, go for smaller stripes and a fitted shape. If you have an hourglass figure, go for the thicker stripes and a looser fitting style.

Myth #4 No white after Labor Day
This myth is a gift from the 20th century, and it's better not to accept it anymore. White is totally acceptable and chic after the Labor Day. Break the trend and be a winter-white-chic. White gives a fresh feeling, embrace that.

Myth #5 Mixing bright colors: bad idea
No, it is not. It is a superb idea. Mixing bright colors gives a young, cute look. You can even mix n match. Try wearing a fuchsia pink top with orange trousers. Bright colors look good if you are wearing minimal accessories and makeup.

Myth# 6 Sequins are for evening wear only
Sequins are the prettiest thing one could ever have. They are shimmering, shiny and dazzling. Why restrict them to evenings only? Wear those glimmering sequins during the day. A sequined crop top is perfect for a day out.

Myth #7 Mixing of gold and silver: prohibited
Gold and silver is the best combination ever. They look perfect when worn together. Gold and silver, together give a vibrant, stylish and elegant look no other combination gives. Get the amazing style statement of gold and silver jewelries around your neck, finger and wrist.

Myth #8 Wear long dresses only if you are tall
Fashion is all about how you carry yourself. It is not-in any way- related to how tall you are. If you have a good tailor around or finely stitched clothes around you, wear long dresses. It is of course meant for you. It is just a myth that stops you from wearing pretty maxi dresses.
So, now as the fashion myths are dispelled, it is finally time to bring out the fashion diva in you!

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