Created to Create

Because it's good for you
Because you were the first example of art work
with the potential to breathe
Because it's necessary
Because this world needs more reminders that life is a canvas
and we are both the brush and the paint stroke
Because why not?
Because sometimes this world will convince us
that there is no beauty in this place.
Because the beauty people are looking for,
is in your hands.
Because it is the only way we humans
are able to orchestrate a indestructible peace.
Because you were created to.
Because hurt can't help but be molded into something breathtaking
when pressed between your hands.
Because there is a story of grace glistening in your ability
to let art spill from the broken and imperfect parts of who you are
and I think it's time that its been told.

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About the Author :

Originally from Northern California, attending Azusa Pacific University Arielle has been captivated by the SoCal sun. She loves a good cup of coffee and conversation that ignites. In her spare time she writes poetry for the soul as a ministry and performs it on little sanctuary like stages for healing. Check out her website: