The Modern Smokey Eye

One of the most fun, and challenging, makeup looks for anyone to create is the smokey eye. When done right, it looks chic, super cool, and modern. When it's done wrong, however, it can be all kinds of a mess. I remember when I was in high school, I loved doing a smokey eye, no matter where I was going, or what time of day it was (because I was just cool like that). I would slap on all of these dark shadows and complete it with a thick line of liner all around my eyes. I actually just cringed a little thinking about it. Luckily, as I grew up, I learned the correct way to wear a smokey eye for a fun night out, and hopefully these tips will help you achieve a mysterious, modern smokey look as well.

1. Prime. Since darker shadows tend to crease a little more on the eyes, apply a primer to the eyelids to give the shadows something to stick to so it'll stay on all night long. If you don't have a primer, blending foundation on your lid and topping it with some powder works just as well.

2. Line. Let's all try to avoid my old smokey eye look by applying eyeliner the right way. Take a black liner and line only the top lash line. This may seem odd since most women apply the liner after shadow, but by applying it before, your liner will be able to blend with the eye shadow, thus creating that smokey effect.

3. Shadow. The beauty of this smokey eye is that you can take whatever eye shadow colors you'd like to create this look- greys, browns, purples, blues, whatever is your cup of tea. Take the darkest shade and apply it from the lash line right up to the crease and also along the lower lash line. Next, sweep a little lighter medium shade into the crease to blend out that darker shadow. Last, apply a highlighter shade on the brow bone and tear duct to add a little light to this dark look.

4. Blend + Mascara. The most important part of this look is to remember to blend your eye shadow. It's called a "smokey" eye for a reason, and having harsh lines of shadow only make it look clownish. You can take a clean eye shadow brush to blend, or you can even use your finger. Next, just apply a couple coats of mascara to finish the eyes.

5. Face. When a lot of women attempt this look, they tend to forget the rest of their face, or they tend to overdo it. The key here is to balance. Sweep a light blush onto your cheeks, and apply a pinky-nude color to your lips to balance the rest of your look. Also, be aware of your brow game: if they're too light, they won't compliment such a strong eye look. Be sure to fill in the brows if they need it. Now all that's left is to tell yourself you look incredible, and go own the night!

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Ashlyn is a small town girl with a big heart for family, laughter, and all things beautiful. This history nerd enjoys taking walks, yoga, delicious food, and of course, fashion and beauty. She desires most to see a world where women have true and deep relationships with themselves through Christ.