Some days, I feel so fatigued and and just blah! So, I'll go to the medicine cabinet and get an iron pill thinking that'll fix the problem. Nope, problem still there. So then, I'll get up and try to exercise but that only helps to make me feel even more tired.

What's the problem?

My connection with Jesus was the problem. I can search around all day trying to find a fix (coffee, water, mountain dew, etc.) but nothing seems to work except for being connected with God. You know how sometimes when your phone is about to die and it gets this dim tent to it without manually turning it down yourself? That's how I feel when I'm unplugged from God. My battery is just low and I have no connection. And what can you do with a phone that has no connection? Nothing.

God wants us to stay plugged into Him because He knows that we need Him. In Him is where we find peace, love, comfort, and acceptance. In a world that's constantly trying to get our attention in some way or another, God just wants a little bit of our time. My pastor always says: "The only thing we should fear is not being in God's word." Which is very true. God's word is the only thing that can make us completely whole. We may think we will find it in love, friendships, degrees, etc., but God wants US first, then He will prepare us for what He wants us to have. Matthew 6:33 says; "Seek first the kingdom of God and all of these things will be added to you." And why would we want it any other way. Sure, we want great things for our lives but imagine what GOD has in store for us! All we have to do is surrender to Him.

How should we expect our spirit to grow if we only feed our flesh? The spirit and the flesh are at a constant battle everyday to win you over. Who will you let win the war? The spirit is what leads us to be God-like. Have you ever met that Christian girl that acts like she's all holy but when you actually get a chance to know her she's just shallow and has no depth? More than likely she's not seeking God and staying plugged in. We don't want to end up like that. We want to be open to anyone we come into contact with so that they can see the God in us that has been growing through our spirit because it's getting fed good nutrients. 

I can guarantee you that once you make God your number one priority everything else will come to you just as Scripture says. You won't even be thinking about anything else because He truly is enough. Just try Him out. He's standing right in front of You with open arms waiting for you to come back. He loves You more than any other man ever will. Tell Him about all your concerns, He's always there

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Diamond Lewis is a 20 year old college student from Virginia. She is just trying to figure it out like everyone else. Diamond has been a Christian all of her life. However, in her late teenage years God really grabbed hold of her and captured her attention. Diamond's aim is to be one with God in every breath that she breathes so that others may see Him in her. Some of Diamond's hobbies are writing, online shopping (or looking), and just relaxing and enjoying life as it comes.
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