When You Feel Insignificant

What gives your life meaning, your daily routine purpose, and motivates you to continue living?

It could be the relationships in your life, having a close knit family, the ability to eat healthy food and regularly exercise, enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle, popularity, your sense of humor and making people laugh, a job you like, a few friends who are always there for you, having a child to take care of, or being in the midst of attending college or finishing high school.

It could be your desire to help people through missionary opportunities or visiting the elderly at a local convalescent home, volunteering at church or a specific charity/organization, or even partying on the weekends with your friends.

It could be your recent engagement, your pregnancy, or finally having the home you wanted and have been saving for.

It could be serving God right where you are at in this point of life, seeking to advance His Kingdom and share His truth with the people around you, or being there for your relatives or a grandparent while they're going through a rough season in life.  It could be a life that is joyful in God simply over the reality and truth that He is for you, has transformed you, and continues to sanctify you over time (and this is something you are looking forward to!)

Wherever you are at, whatever job you have, whatever people are regularly around you, whatever your financial status or popularity level, and despite your low self esteem or angry attitude at times, wake up each day and willingly give the day to God, asking Him to do in and through you what only He is capable of.  Praise Him daily and hourly for His goodness, mercy, and faithfulness in all things.  Pray to Him from your heart.  Rejoice in His constant care and sufficient grace. 

Keep Him first. Seek after Him (and not just through morning devotions or sporadic prayer when you find the time!)  ...this is real significance. A life that is daily focused on, committed to, trusting, and clinging to God and His word.

A life that has been and is being made whole, a mind that is being renewed and transformed, desires that are being purged and having a new-found interest & love for what pleases God...a life that is surrendered to Him and rests in Him no matter the changing seasons of life (knowing that He calls the shots).  A life that reflects a genuine heart commitment to the Lord and not just a mouth that speaks of Him while bearing little noticeable fruit (Galatians 5: 22-23).  A life that says to God, "Allow all in this world to fade in comparison to my relationship with You.  Purge and refine me & break me by Your gentleness for my true good and benefit. 
Give me a willing heart toward You and make the time for me to seek after You daily.  Let me know You and not just know about You."

This is a significant life; indeed, a life of freedom and real joy where fear doesn't constantly reside and you can sleep peacefully at night.  A life that will count for eternity and leave a lasting legacy and worthwhile impact in the lives of many.  A gracious life where God is front and center, where He takes the role of King and Master on the throne of your heart and desires, and a precious Christ-likeness being built in your character as time passes.  A life that truly desires to please God and not just appear spiritual.  A life that says, "I'm tired of living in secret and clinging to these sinful choices that only end in shame and regret.  I'm tired of just attending church and going through the motions with reading the Bible when I don't even think I understand Christianity."

What hinders you from surrendering all to God?  What do you fear most about giving Him control?  What makes you believe that somehow you know better than God as to how your life can turn out best so you disregard His rightful authority over you as His kid?

Originally published on Emma's blog, Baby Pink Roses.

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Emma Joy is a girl approaching her late twenties who desires to make God known and present the difference between knowing about God and truly knowing Him. She blogs over at Baby Pink Roses.
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