Fall Color Combinations

I guarantee that if you take a poll between your family and friends about their favorite season, Autumn will win. And why shouldn't it? It's a time of cozy sweaters, delicious pies, bonfires, the overall feeling of warmth and comfort, and the vibrant hues that surround us outside. So, in celebration of this beautiful season, I've included six Fall color combinations for your makeup looks that you can wear to celebrate the beauty of Fall as well. 

  • Gold & Wine. This one is classy, bold, and mysterious. Pair a gold eye shadow with a striking dark wine colored lip. The pairing of a metallic eye with such a bold lip will be unexpected, but very glamorous and retro. This is a look I still haven't mustered up the courage to wear, but I'm dying to try.
  • Chocolate Brown & Berry Pink. Switch out your summery hot pink lipstick for this fall's warmer pink hue. It's flattering for every skin tone, and it looks sweet as pie. The combination of the chocolate brown eye shadow, or eye liner if you choose, with the berry lip is super feminine and romantic.
  • Rosy Cheeks & Berry Lips. Instead of using the brown eye shadow, you can also pair these pretty berry lips with a rosy cheek color. You know when you've been outside in the cold and you come inside with pink cheeks and lips? It's the same look, beautifully fresh and youthful.This lip color also looks incredibly modern when it's matte. And if your lipstick doesn't come in a matte formula, no need to worry. Just pull apart a tissue so that it's only one layer. Place the layer of tissue over your lips after you've applied your lipstick, and dust a translucent powder over the tissue. Remove it, and you have a matte lip! It's that easy.
  • Plum & Copper. Instead of using a vibrant plum shade just on your eyes, think a little outside the box and try it on your lips. Plum lips are very on trend right now and don't look as odd as you think it might. Plus, the copper hued eye shadow will compliment it beautifully. It's vibrant and royal at the same time.
  • Forest Green & Mauve. This look is stunning on girls with brown eyes or red hair. Sweep a darker forest green shadow on the eye lids and keep the lips subdued with a mauve lip color. The green eye shadow is unexpected but naturally beautiful. 
  • Bronze & Orange. Mimicking the shades of the leaves outside, pair a bronze eye shadow with an orange-red lip. These colors are warm, super sophisticated, and sure to get you noticed.

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