Trust Him

I listened as the pastor told us about the missionaries we would be taking an offering for that night. As I listened to the pastor I felt God prick my heart to give. Generally, I don’t keep cash in my wallet, but that night I had about $30 that I had recently gotten from cashing in for change. I had planned on using that extra cash as spending money, but God had other plans.

I reached into my wallet and pulled out a few dollars.

All of it. The Holy Spirit nudged my heart.

I struggled. Why all of it? Wasn’t a few dollars enough? I had been so excited about having the 30 extra dollars.

It’s just spending money to you. I will use it for My glory.

Ok, Lord. I thought.  I give it all to You.

The offering plate came down my row, and I dropped all the cash I had into the plate. I felt a peace that I knew was the Holy Spirit. 

When I got home from church that night there was a card waiting for me. It was a wedding card. My husband and I had gotten married in August of this year. The wedding cards and gifts had stopped coming several weeks ago so I was curious about this particular card. I opened up the card. To say that I didn’t freak out would be a complete lie. There was $300 in that envelope. 

I knew that God had me open that card at exactly that moment. If I would have opened it before church I wouldn’t have been able to see God work like He did. I wouldn’t have been able to learn that I need to work on trusting God more and doing what He asks of me with out hesitation – even if it is something small.

Do we trust God when He asks us to give Him all of something? A relationship? Time? Money?  Even our life? Why is it that we think if we are in control of something we know better? We owe God everything. If we struggle with giving the Lord the little things and trusting Him when He asks those things of us, how usable are we as vessels of God?

We never need an explanation from God when He asks something of us because He is God. He will provide for all of our needs. Trust Him. Trust Him, and let Him lead you to the amazing plans He has for you. He may ask you to give up some things along the way, but I can guarantee you won’t regret it. I know it can be scary because we don’t always see the road ahead. We don’t always see the thing that is better that He wants to give us in replace of what we give Him. God tells us though that He has good thoughts for us. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” What encouraging words!  

I have a story that I want to leave you with that I heard in high school from a preacher. This illustration really made me think about how much I actually trust God.

A little girl had a necklace of fake pearls that she treasured very much. She would show them to her daddy every time she would go into his office. “Daddy, look at my pretty pearls!” She would say. One day when the little girl went into her father’s office he asked for her strand of pearls. “Why, Daddy?” She asked as she clutched the pearls around her neck. “Trust me, Sweetheart. Give me your pearl necklace.” The little girl didn’t understand.  She loved her pearls so much. Why would her daddy want her necklace? Finally with her still semi-uncoordinated hands she took off the necklace and handed her precious fake pearls to her father. Her father then proceeded to open the top drawer of his desk. He pulled out a black velvet jewelry box and handed it to his sweet daughter. The girl carefully opened up the pretty box. A gasp escaped her little lips as she looked into her daddy’s eyes. As he fastened the new necklace he said, “I needed you to give me the fake pearls so I could give you something better – real pearls.”

When God asks us to give something up for Him let’s offer it with open hands and a willing heart. Trust Him. 

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About the Author :

Leah Hill is an Army wife and Graphic Designer. Her desire is to share with others what the Lord has been teaching her, whether through writing or building relationships. Leah thoroughly enjoys writing letters, knitting, staying active, and cherishing every moment with her wonderful husband.