Pack Your Bags for Good

No matter what stage of life we are in, I am sure we are all well acquainted with the groggy feeling of waking up in the morning after having very little sleep. Whether you are a busy mom, a student during exam week, or an employee off to work, dark and baggy eyes can be a challenge.  Since the busy holiday season is right around the corner, the time is perfect to let you in on my quick and easy tips to help you look like you have had a full, dreamy night’s sleep, when Lord knows you haven’t.

Treatment Regimen:  As soon as you wake up, try to drink a glass of water while you are getting ready.  Hydrating will help detox your body and flush out toxins that can contribute to the problem.  To de-puff your eyes, put two spoons in the fridge for a few minutes, and then press them under your eyes. The cold spoons restrict the blood vessels and zap the puffiness. Next, be sure to moisturize your under eye area, as dry skin will only enhance the bags. If you have red, bloodshot eyes, try using moisturizing eye drops to reduce the redness.

Conceal:  A great trick to adding light under your eyes is to apply a little shimmery eye shadow. Next, apply a brightening concealer in a triangle shape and blend, blend, blend. Be sure to conceal in the corner of your eyes, though, since this is a sneaky place where darkness can show up. Lastly, apply the same shimmery shadow in the tear ducts and brow bone to bring light to the eye area.

Brighten:  When applying the rest of your eye makeup, remember that brightening and widening is a key. First, curl your lashes to add a little perk to the eye. When applying eyeliner, stick to the very top of each lash, as this secret will draw attention upward. One of my favorite little tricks is to apply white eyeliner on the inner lash line on the bottom lashes to brighten the eyes and reduce the look of redness. Then, apply 2-3 coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes for that polished look.

Distract: When you are finishing up the rest of your makeup, remember that adding focus elsewhere can do wonders in hiding your tired eyes. Opt for a brighter blush to add a nice pop of color.  If you are feeling extra bold, add a bright lip color, such as a red or berry lipstick, to bring focus to the lips. 

Now, you’ll be ready to put that sleepless night behind you and face the day with confidence.

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Ashlyn is a small town girl with a big heart for family, laughter, and all things beautiful. This history nerd enjoys taking walks, yoga, delicious food, and of course, fashion and beauty. She desires most to see a world where women have true and deep relationships with themselves through Christ.
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