Soak in Him

As I am sure many others do, I find myself spending the majority of my days putting out fires in my life. We become so busy dealing with immediate problems that it becomes difficult to find the time or have the energy to do much else. I was struggling this week about what I was going to write about and I just kept praying and mediating over Gods promises and Word. A couple nights ago, God told me to write down what He was going to share with me. I wanted to share Gods Words with you all, because I knew that what He was telling me was not meant for my ears only.

Throw out what you think you know and what you do not know. You are unsure, confused, anxious and guilt-ridden because you trust too much in your own thoughts and feelings than you trust in Me, in Who I am, My nature and what I can do. You cannot foreshadow what I am doing or not doing, so stop trying to and stop fretting. Just fix your eyes on Me and My promises and the fact that I can and will do all things in your life. Do not fear. Instead, abide in My nature.  You are unable to fully grasp Who I am and what I can do. Know this, My daughter, and do not take it lightly. It works out...all of it!

You are so loved, admired, respected and seen. The cloak has now been lifted, so expect to be seen and embrace this new fresh love, anointing, and season. I love and adore you, and there is absolutely nothing you could do that would make Me love you less. Fear not, fret not. Do not shut off your heart, for this is a trick of the world and I despise that. Hold open the door.  Breathe, relax, rest.

Again, it is already been worked out for your good and benefit, so trust it. Like a flowing river, lay, relax, rest, and abide in Me. Allow me to float you where I may. Forget what you think or thought you knew about Me. Wake up refreshed in the morning. Rest my love. I am holding you.

The analogy of a flowing river has really gripped me because this is not the first time God has placed this type of visual within my Spirit. Often, we get so caught up in life that it becomes difficult to enjoy the float we have down the river with God. We spend the majority of our time fighting such a strong current that, in turn, we become winded, frustrated, and tend to want to give up. If we would just allow ourselves to stop fighting the current and go with the flow of the river, we would be much less weary and drained. The key to doing this is by making an interactive decision to let God carry us where He pleases instead of fighting the route He has planned for us to take. The verse I am reminded of is located in the Book of Matthew:

Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. (Matthew 11:30 NIV) 

Soaking in God is a willful act of resting and waiting on God. It is being saturated in Gods presence. You sit quietly and still, allowing God to pour His Spirit all over you. In this day and age, many people do not make the time for this to happen. Believe it or not, it is felt in their hearts, minds and souls every day. To soak is to become fully immersed in something; it is not a dip of a toe. It is absorption.  When we are absorbed in God, it spreads throughout all areas, to everyone and everything that matters most. This includes our minds and our hearts to our families, loved ones, and careers. When we are soaked and immersed in God daily, there is no room for anxiety, fear, or lack.  In God, we are made whole.  

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. (1John 1:5 NIV)

Whether you are facing vast obstacles, daily frustrations or are in a place of harvesting, you should be soaking in God daily. 

There is not one thing in our day that will fulfill us more than soaking in presence of Jesus.-Sarah Martin 

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About the Author :

Leilani is a single mom to a beautiful 4 year old little girl. She is in love with the Creator of the stars. Her mission is simple yet so big, to encourage and bring Jesus to all in need. To bring hope by loving people, writing, photography, music, poetry/spoken word and meeting people right where they are. God's Grace is her air.