Proverbs 10: Soul Surgery


In Proverbs 10 there is no clear cut theme but rather multiple truths. You can say that each verse can be treated as its own proverb. Proverbs 10 is also the start of a new section in the book. Proverbs 1-9 can be seen as the introduction to the whole book, and Proverbs 10 is when the book starts its breakdown. In this chapter, you will see what’s called a principle of contrasts. For example, light vs. dark, good vs. evil, etc. These examples are strict contrast from each other. The long chapter of Proverbs 10 has laid out a bunch of principles of contrast that for those reading it can examine their hearts and check their souls.

Questions to ask while reading this Proverb:

  1.  Am I walking in foolish ways or am I being wise?
  2.  Am I lazy or am I diligent?
  3.  Do I think before I speak or do I let the first thing I think of spew out of my mouth, regardless if it’s foolish or wise?

There are many, many more questions you can ask while reading chapter 10. Like I said in the paragraph above, Proverbs 1-9 are a warm up, an introduction to the book in its entirety. But as soon as you get to chapter 10, you are now digging deep into your life and heart. Things get real. You are now under the knife of the word of God (Hebrews 4:12). And the word of God is pointing out and using its scalpel to cut through and remove those things of which are not of God.

Many main points can be taken from this Proverb, because it is filled with them, but verse 25 can sum this chapter up:

“When the whirlwind passes,
the wicked are no more,
but the righteous
are secured forever.”

Are you secured? Or are you going to be “no more” with the wicked? Take this Proverb, and do a heart check today. And as you examine, ask God to reveal anything in your life and heart that doesn’t glorify Him. Ask Him to remove, by the Spirit, all sin that puts a wedge between you and Him. Because when you sin, when you walk in the ways of the foolish and wicked, you are living for the world. When you live for the world, you are at odds with God. You are against God and God is against you (James 4:4). Beloved, be encouraged that when you are in Christ and you have His righteousness, you will want to continue to be under the knife of the word of God. You want the sin out of your life. Even when you fail, and you will, know that God’s word doesn’t come back void (Isaiah 55:11). Get your heart checked today.

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DeVonte Howard lives in Spokane, WA. The Lord removed his heart of stone and gave him a heart of flesh when he was a freshman in college. He is engaged to the most beautiful woman in the world, Paola Rodriguez. DeVonte graduated with his Social Work Degree from Eastern Washington University. His day job is the Recreation Manager for a non-profit in Spokane. He enjoys reading and writing (typical), but to be more specific, he used to be a book junkie and loves to write blogs, poetry, and book reviews. He is a coffee aficionado (in other words, a coffee snob). DeVonte holds to the Reformed Baptist 1689 perspective, and his hope is that God may be glorified in all of his writings and that he can take theology and doctrine and make it applicable to the readers. Soli Deo Gloria!