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Assurance of Salvation in the London Baptist Confession

There are few topics of greater practical concern to the average Christian than assurance of salvation. While some people may be blessed with a strong assurance of their justification before God from an early age, others struggle with doubts for years on end, which create a major hindrance in their Christian

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The Five Solas: Solus Christus

A few weeks ago I was speaking with a young man who showed an obvious hatred towards anything relating to Christianity. Out of all the things he said which blasphemed my religion, there was one particular thing that stood out that really made me sad for him. He said he doesn't like Christianity because it gives God all the power and glory while humans remain...

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The Doctrines of Grace: Limited Atonement

The Doctrines of Grace shook my whole spiritual walk. I started studying them last year after a conference I attended, and after seeing some conversations among some Christian friends on Facebook. There was a huge shift in how I viewed God. . .

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