The Person and Power of the Holy Spirit


In the beginning, He hovered over the waters of an unformed world that was being created for His glory. He is the One who came upon men of old and enabled them to perform their duties to the offices and roles that had be preordained for them (Genesis 1:2). He was the restraining force that kept the wickedness of the hearts of men and the maliciousness of Satan from reaching its full potential, and He continues to do so today (Genesis 6:3, 2 Thessalonians 2:6). He is the third Person of the blessed Trinity. He is fully God, as is the Father, and as is the Son.

He is the Holy Spirit. Teachings, sermons, and books have been written to draw on attention on this specific member of the Godhead. Though many words have been written and spoken about who He is, the greatest revelation we could ever be given about who the Holy Spirit is and what that means for believers is in the very Scriptures He inspired men to write (2 Timothy 3:16).

Our Counselor, Our Comforter, Our Conviction

In John chapter 14, when Christ spoke to His eleven Apostles on the night before His death, He spoke many words of comfort to them and to ease the troubled hearts and minds that dwelled within them. One of the promises He made to them was someone who would come from the Father and help them. This helper would be with them forever. He was called “The Spirit of Truth”. This is He who is the Holy Spirit. When a Believer is born again, regenerated by the Spirit from death to life, they are given an indwelling being that abides with him or her, and it abides forever (v. 16-17). He teaches the believer all things and is given to instruct, to guide, to comfort, and to convict. He illuminates the Scriptures that He used man to write, so that we may behold God as He reveals Himself, through His Word, and in the person of Christ Jesus.

Our Defender Against Ourselves (Galatians 5:17)

If we were left to our own strength and merit to wage war on the sin that still dwells within in, it would be a futile effort. The Holy Spirit is the indwelling being that does not allow us to do what we want to do according to our flesh. Think about this for a moment and meditate on it: the fullness of God in the person of the Holy Spirit fights on our behalf against the flesh that would lead us back down the path of death and destruction. This is not an extension of God’s presence; God Himself fights on your behalf against your sinful nature and lives within you to do so!

Our Assurance and Our Affirmation (Romans 8:15)

He is our affirmation that we are indeed children of God. Through the gift of regeneration, we are born again from above by the Spirit’s power and transformed into new creations with new natures ( 2 Cor. 5:17). Because of Him indwelling within us, and us now being children of God, we are able to cry out to God and call Him our Father. We have been given a birthright which was never ours to possess on our own (Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:6). He is also our assurance that we are never to be abandoned by God. Like a wedding ring between a husband and a wife, the Holy Spirit is our seal and promise that we are to never be forsaken or lost when we come to saving faith in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:13, 1 Corinthians 1:22). A sweet assurance can be found in the numerous promises from our Lord, and none can snatch them from His hand nor the Father’s (John 10:28). The Spirit is our internal witness and pledge that these words are true and will come to fullness when we are one day in glory. Until that day, we are told we can come boldly to the throne of grace, covered in the righteousness of Christ, to pray prayers that are brought before God by the Spirit when we do not what to pray or how to pray (Romans 8:26).

Words fail to fully describe God in depth, as well as all the persons of the Trinity. However, the Word shows us by illumination from the Spirit, who He is, what He positions to do, and who we are now in Christ. He is our comforter, our advocate, our teacher of the Word, our assurance of salvation, our affirmation of new birth, and our seal of redemption. He is the promised helper that Christ told His disciples they would have. Today, as we seek to follow and be discipled by Christ through His Word, the Holy Spirit will be our aid as well. Praise be to God for the wonderful gift of Himself in the person of the Holy Spirit!