Whole Spotlight: Amy Basel (YPHP)

I would like to introduce Amy Basel as our Whole Spotlight this month; a remarkable and stunning woman of God.  Her testimony and perseverance side by side with God’s grace has led her to inspire and encourage many other women around the world.  A survivor and an overcomer, Amy has shown that with God leading you, you can absolutely do anything.  Her devotion, grace and bravery are why she is featured in our Whole Spotlight.  

You see, I am living proof that God can use anyone despite their “embarrassing” and “ugly” past. No sin had pulled me too far out of reach from His loving hands of compassion and mercy. I just didn’t know that yet.
— Amy Basel

WM: Can you tell us a little bit about your upbringing?

AB:  Hmm, how do I describe this? Well, I refrain from using the words, “normal” or “rare” because everyone’s upbringing is very different from one another. I will however say this; I was raised by a mother and father who are married and love God. I grew up going to church, was taught right from wrong, and had to follow rules just like all the other children I knew. Yet, the inner struggle was there. I went through some things early in my childhood that caused me to withdraw. I didn’t have a close relationship with my father and my rebellious nature started at an early age. With that being said, my upbringing was good, but I was a broken young girl. You’ll hear why in my answer to the next question...

WM:  Will you share a little of your testimony and how you come to know Christ? 

AB: Ah, my favorite part! Well, I grew up going through many hardships. I was sexually abused at an early age by someone through the preschool I attended, and that severely distorted my reality. Later on, I struggled greatly with ADD and could never concentrate and do well in school. As I grew older, I became addicted to alcohol and drugs starting at the age of 14. From there, I entered into one abusive relationship after another, and slept with men all for the sake of trying to experience “love”. I partied all throughout high school and ended up dropping out my senior year after I learned that I was not going to graduate on time. From there, I received my GED and moved out at the age of 17 with a guy I was dating. For years I bounced from one relationship to another, constantly dating men to fill a void that was only growing deeper as the years progressed. I had made the decision that following God was not on my list of priorities and grew to resent Him. I began to dabble in the occult and became infatuated with ghosts, physics, and contacting the “other side” for spiritual direction and enlightenment. What I didn’t know then, was that I became a professional at opening doors to the demonic world. In 2008, that is truly when my life began to take a 3 year, plummeting down-spiral straight into the ground. I began to date a very emotionally and physically abusive man who brought out insecurities in me that I tried to cover for years. I drank more than ever, developed an eating disorder, and became incredibly addicted to prescription drugs. Yet, God had not given up on me. Jesus came to me in a dream one night and spoke things to me that I will never forget…He was calling me out into a new life. But here is the thing: I had to accept, and believe it or not, I wasn’t ready to give up my reckless ways. From there, I wound up in and out of jail as a result of various wrong decisions, and eventually came to the point of deciding that suicide was my only way out of the mess I had made of my life. I was so deeply depressed; I just wanted one moment free from the pain. I made my way to the top of a parking garage and decided that I was going to jump off. Yet, as soon as I lifted myself to the edge, that is when I heard the voice of God break through my darkness and declare, “…BUT I LOVE YOU!” For the first time in years, I heard Him.
So here’s the great part of the story! A few months later on March 3, 2011, I finally surrendered my life to the Lord at a young adult service I decided to attend. I told the Lord that if He would help me get my life back on track, I would serve Him for the remainder of my days. Let me tell you something, God will take you up on that! But, He wasn’t interested in just “restoring” my life, instead, He wanted to give me a brand new one. I graciously received, and the rest is history. 

WM:  What made you start blogging and doing YouTube videos?

AB: I love to communicate and I am constantly trying to figure out methods on how to do so. I have a passion to encourage, challenge, and tell people about Jesus, so making that a part of my everyday life was the goal. Doing so face to face wasn’t enough; I needed to reach this hurting world on a greater scale. So, I chose the Internet as my avenue and social media, videos, and blogging as my tools. 

WM:  Would you talk about your website, “Your Path His Plan?”

AB: Your Path His Plan is the product of a once broken life, made new through Christ Jesus. When I first decided to create my website, I asked myself two questions, “Amy, what did you need when you were struggling before knowing Jesus, and what do you continuously need for the days ahead?” My answer: authentic love. And so, I designed my website accordingly. I created an outlet for people who desire to know the Truth and who aren’t interested in sugarcoated messages. My ministry is my life, and when I can’t physically show Jesus to others, it is then that I use words. So I write and speak with one rule in mind: always give glory to God. From videos and blog posts, to every day practical advice, Your Path His plan is focused upon sharing the gospel and empowering generations. That is my goal, and that will always be my mandate. 

WM:  Can you explain a little about “Remnant” for our readers? Why do you believe praying is needed and so powerful?  Why do you think many believers don’t pray?

AB: Remnant is a local, Michigan (and live-streamed) event, I started this past year where people of all ages gather together to worship and pray. Simple and common, right? Surprisingly, not! At the beginning of the year I became frustrated to learn that prayer meetings are pretty much nonexistent due to the lack of interest most believers have in prayer itself. I also struggled in this area for years simply because I had a hard time understanding the power of prayer. So, I decided to create a place where people could gather and pray with other believers. This is a strong passion of mine, because we as believers of Jesus Christ hold a power and authority upon this earth to bind and loose what we declare. We hold the keys, we own the Sword, and we have His name to change this world. That’s something that should never be set aside and taken for granted. 

WM:  In one of your videos you said, “I am a product of a praying mother.”  Would you talk about that a little?

AB:  Simply put, I have a mother who never stopped praying for me. Although for years I was lost and wanted nothing to do with God, she never gave up on me. She had an understanding that God is faithful, and instead of trying to change me all on her own, she placed me into God’s hands and allowed Him to draw me in. Needless to say, her prayers were answered beyond what she could have ever hoped and imagined. 

amy basel

WM:  I love that you and your friends would have prayer meetings while driving around town on Friday nights and that you would park and pray outside bars.  How did that come about?  

AB:  Well, my friends and I love to stay up late to pray. So where do you go when you want to pray with people at all hours of the night? A church building isn’t open and praying at home will wake everyone up! So, because we didn’t have an actual building to pray in, we decided to use my car as our “sanctuary”. We drove all throughout town and asked the Holy Spirit to lead us to places where people needed prayer. Needless to say, we ended up parking in front of bars and interceding for those inside who struggle with addiction to alcohol. From there, we just allowed the Holy Spirit to do what He wanted to do. Wherever He led us to pray, that is where we went!

WM:  What has been your biggest hurdle to overcome in your life?

AB:  The biggest hurdle that I have had to overcome in my life is insecurity. I spent countless years believing the lies of the enemy, and I had placed great importance on looks, social status, money, and worldly success. After giving my life to the Lord, my mind was renewed, but the temptations to fall back into old thinking, remained. That is when I realized it was a choice. Insecurity is always a choice. You have to come to an intersection where you decide who you are going to agree with; God, or the devil? Then you have to know WHAT you are agreeing with. The only way to know is to read the Bible. Once I placed the Word of God as superior and supreme in my life, the lies of the enemy began to fade away. Insecurity was no longer an option once I found out that I am forever secure in Jesus.

WM:  What advice would you give to someone struggling with depression, drug addiction and/or suicide and someone who feels like giving up?

AB:  My advice would be simply this: You’re NOT alone, you ARE loved, and someone DOES understand. The attacks on your life prove that something of great value is inside of you. Good news is, you don’t have to have it all figured out, nor do you have to be polished and perfected to move forward. Simply calling upon the name of Jesus is all you have, and calling upon the name of Jesus is all you will ever need. 

WM:  You write that after God visited you in a dream, God took you into a year of deep consecration.  What happened during that time and what things did you learn?

AB: When God pulled me into one year of deep consecration, I didn’t know what to expect. To be completely honest with you, I didn’t even know what I was doing! All I knew was that I was incredibly in love and entirely infatuated with Jesus, so all I wanted to do was spend every moment in His presence. I went to work, came home, and shut myself up in my bedroom for the rest of the day. People thought I had absolutely lost my mind, but I knew what God had called me to do. You see, there’s really no code to crack, no formula to learn, and no 10-step process to follow. I simply prayed, read the Word, and worshipped Him every single day. That’s it! They say you become like those whom you spend the most time with, so I chose to spend all of my time with God. Through that decision, I learned that He is the greatest investment you could ever decide to make!

WM:  Is there a particular Bible verse that has given you comfort in times of trouble? And why?

AB:  I actually have two: 

Malachi 3:6 - “For I am the Lord, I change not…”

Jeremiah 29:11 - “For I know the plans I have” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have clung to these two scriptures in the last 4 years. In both, you find the foundation of who God is; and He is faithful. 

WM:  How did you know what God was calling you to do?

AB:  I just had to take one look at my testimony and it was crystal clear. People need to know that God never gives up. His love is relentless. And you don’t have to have it all together for Him to call you and partner with you to change this world. Once I got ahold of that, it was game-over. My marching orders were laid out and my voice needed to be heard for His glory.

WM:  Is personal journaling something you have always done?  How does it help?

AB:  Personal journaling is something that I started in 2011 as soon as I gave my life to the Lord. As a matter of fact, you would probably laugh if you saw all of my journals! I keep a personal journal for everything! I have one for letters that I write to God, letters that God has written to me, daily writings of things that go on throughout the day, dream and vision journals, and even a journal of letters I write to my future husband (haha I never usually admit that last one to people, but hey, now you know!) My favorite out of them all, however, is my journals where God speaks personal things to me. Having all of these helps remind me of how faithful God has been and how faithful He will continue to be. All you have to do is flip through the pages, and there you have endless examples of how God has showed up and provided. All of these journals are by far the most precious possessions that I own.

WM:  What do you hope to accomplish with your ministry?

AB:  I want to continuously give glory to God, and inspire people to be radically bold for Jesus, no matter WHAT the cost!

Now for some fun questions!

WM:  Music you are currently listening to?

AB: I’m all about the spontaneous and prophetic worship! Currently if you were to pull up my playlist on my phone, you would find a lot of Rick Pino, and Chris Burns. Their music is written from, and rooted deep within scripture, and Inspiration Worship. To me, there’s nothing better than that! 

WM:  What is something you never leave home without?

AB:  This is an easy one; my big leather crossbody purse! I keep everything in there. Wallet, phone, bible, journal, chapstick, lotion, etc. And yes, it does probably weighs at least 10 pounds.

WM:  If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

AB:  Israel! Specifically, Jerusalem…for obvious reasons. 

WM:  What did you want to be when you grew up?

AB:  I always wanted to be a news reporter on a television station.  Now I am a “good news” reporter to the world.  Guess I wasn’t too far off.

WM:  Would you rather been in snow or sun?

AB: Sun, sun and more sun! Hands down! I grew up in Michigan where the weather is incredibly sporadic and it is usually cold and snowy rather than warm and sunny.

WM:  What is the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them?

AB: The first thing I notice about someone when I meet them is their smile. You can tell a lot about someone just by the way they smile or if they are even smiling at all. That reveals more to me than any words they will speak.

WM: What is a talent you have that many people know about?

AB:  I play the piano and I sing. Not a lot of people know about that though because it’s something I do in my personal time at home.

WM:  If you could cast someone to play you in a movie, who would you chose?

AB: For TOO many reasons to list; Sandra Bullock.


You can learn more about Amy, YPHP or Remnant visit www.yourpathhisplan.com.