Whole Spotlight: Nicole Durant (His Daughter)

I really began to see I was letting my weight be a weight. I realized Bulimia was a deeply engraved disorder in my mind that could be changed, and I really needed to allow GOD to reorder me. So I embarked on an adventurous journey of recovery.
— Nicole Durant, His Daughter

Meet our September Spotlight, Nicole Durant. This Houston beauty is far from your average YouTube beauty blogger. Her "beauty tips" involve more than what is skin deep; they are spirit, heart and soul deep. Using the Bible as the mirror and foundation are just a taste of what she shares through her ministry, “His Daughter.”

Let’s get to know this fierce woman of God further.

WM: Can you tell our readers a little about your upbringing?

ND: I’m a Houston, Texas native and a product of an unequally yoked marriage. I was molested at the age of five. My parents divorced when I was about 11. My mom raised me from that point on. It was really rough actually. A lot of people don’t know this about me, but we were actually homeless for a quite some time. We slept on the floor at a family friend’s house until my mom found a job. We finally moved into an apartment. Me, my mom, and sister all stayed in one bedroom together. We got by on food stamps, and hand me downs. During this time I saw both of my parents in and out of unhealthy relationships. From the age of 11 to 16 I moved a total of 10 times. And I went to church every other Sunday. That was my normal.

WM: Will you share a little of your testimony and how you come to know Christ? 

ND: It’s truly a divine encounter that changed my life, and my mind is blown every time I think about it. I was a hot mess.com! I had a very low self-esteem; I was bulimic for over 8 years of my life, throwing up every single meal I ate. I became sexually active at a very young age. I got pregnant twice, and I had an abortion twice. I had an STD twice. I was a professional serial dater that always had a nice line up of sugar daddies and men. I was a party girl with all the VIP connects. My biggest life goal was to be a NFL/NBA player’s trophy wife or to be the next Kim Kardashian...while simultaneously going to church with my mom every other Sunday. I live in the Bible belt so we know how to play church. And I played the part well. I lived a double life. Church was a Sunday morning fling with an occasional Wednesday rendezvous to feel good about myself.  I went to a mega church growing up.. so I would go, get my feel good fix and go about my sinful business without any ounce of conviction. The only time I would really pray was when I wanted something like money, before a job interview or if I thought I was pregnant. I never really took God seriously nor did I really care. I was numb, cold, and selfish. Life kind of made me that way. Then one day I reconnected with a guy I once dated and he asked me to go to bible study with him. So I agreed because I kind of liked him. And when I went I experienced something like never before. The message was amazing and at the end of it they wrapped up with worship, there was a woman singing on the stage on her knees, I could see tears slowly streaming down her face and I watched her singing her heart out to GOD like no one else was in the room. It was just her and GOD. I could sense the love she shared with GOD. And something made me want what she had so bad! I didn’t understand why I had never felt that way about Christ. So in the quietness of my mind I asked God, “Why have I never felt that way about you? Give me a moment; show me what I have to do to have a real relationship with you like hers and I’ll do it.”

Then a few minutes later another woman walked up to me, pulled me to the back of the church and gently said, “GOD told me that you were asking for a moment. He said that this is the "moment" you’re asking for, and if you want a relationship like that (and she pointed to the stage) just dig deep.”

And in that moment my mind was BLOWN. Because that was a little prayer I had just prayed in my head! Not out loud and I didn’t even really expect a response. And in a matter of minutes GOD answered plain as day, when I walked back to my seat. The old Nicole died. July 2, 2013. And I was born again into HIS DAUGHTER. I fell madly in love with Christ and the rest is history.

It’s the intangible beauty that moves mountains, does something with meaning, endures the test of time and really changes the world for greater good.
— Nicole Durant, His Daughter

WM: Your YouTube channel is such a blessing and is so creative! How did you come up with the idea for your channel?

ND: It’s really crazy because God has been preparing me for HD Beauty Tips ever since I was child! As far back as I can remember I’ve collected magazines. I literally have trunks filled with them.  I would look at magazines for hours and just write down the descriptive words I saw; I had no rhyme or real reason for it then.  I was just fascinated at how creatively the writers used words to describe makeup, fashion and the latest trends.  And that’s really where the creativity and word play stems from on the beauty channel.  What made me start a channel is ever since YouTube has been, I’ve been obsessed with beauty tutorials. But when I gave my life to Christ my interest in outer beauty started to changed. And I searched for tutorials and channels from women who loved JESUS and talked about GOD, but in a more laid back way and not on a pulpit.  I could hardly find any!  So I decided I wanted to change that.  And that’s how HD BeautyTips was birthed. 

WM: You’re such a happy and sunny person; you can’t help but smile and be lifted watching your videos. Have you always naturally been that way?

ND: Absolutely not! I was a hurting little girl!  I could pretend really well and I had the art of putting on fake smile down pact. Anytime someone sensed anything remotely wrong my go to line was always, “I’m just sleepy.”  But no I wasn’t genuinely sunny or joyful until I found Christ. That’s when I really changed. Now don’t get me wrong, depression days will still sneak up to this day and try to knock on my door. Sadness will try to call, but I let Christ answer and handle it ever time. 

WM: What are a couple of tips you would give to a woman struggling with insecurity?

ND: Whoever is dealing with insecurity I want you to stop right now and I want you to look at your fingers. You have to look closely. But do you see those little lines? Those are your fingerprints and when GOD made you HE created you with a unique identity and called you to leave a unique impression. No one earth has the same finger print as you.  No one was crafted exactly like YOU. No one can speak like you, walk like you, write like, or be YOU. NO ONE.  I believe a lot of peoples insecurities stem from comparison. We look at other people's lives, bodies and successes, and Instagram’s and we begin to doubt ourselves; who GOD called us to be and sometimes, even, what HE called us to physically look like. We have to control- alt- delete and shut that down!  It’s time to affirm ourselves in the word of God again!  Discover who He says we are, and find what He calls beautiful and worthy of praise. When you begin to find out God's intention in every intricate detail that He fashioned in you specifically, you can’t help but to fall in love with the Creator. Then security and confidence is a secondary reflex. I will say this is not an easy journey (well for me it wasn’t). We live in a fallen world and temptation literally harasses us. It's solely my dependence on GOD through the Holy Spirit and prayer that really gets me through. 

When you begin to find out God’s intention in every intricate detail that He fashioned in you specifically, you can’t help but to fall in love with the Creator.
— Nicole, His Daughter

WM: How did you come up with the name “His daughter” for your ministry?

ND: It started off as Princess of a King. God is the King of all Kings and which makes us royalty. I really love the idea of that. What made me change the name though is really funny actually. We know social media is such a great platform to reach the masses and hashtags are a big deal. But when I put Princess of a king in a hashtag it looked like Princess of faking. That really made me cringe. Then one day I came across Mark 5:34,”and He said to her, DAUGHTER, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over.”

And BOOM light bulbs went off! And HIS Daughter was created.

WM: What do you hope women will take from your videos?

ND: I really want women to fall in love with JESUS, find true freedom and get excited about GOD. I want to fill them up with truth and the teachings of Christ. I want them to understand that God doesn’t measure us by the seen but by the unseen, our hearts. By the time the video ends I want their faith to be fired up and they hit the ground running, destroying the enemy’s plans, breaking chains, and building the kingdom of GOD. 

T W E E T  T H I S

WM: In one of your videos you said that the mission of your YouTube channel was beauty tips that, “go beyond the surface and they are going to beautify our hearts that’s going to give us a radiance that can’t be attained by anything found in a makeup bag and can’t be removed by some stupid makeup remover.” That is beauty I think we all want and need! Would you expand a little bit more on that?

ND: The world and the word have two different definitions of beauty. To the world it’s all exterior. Our weight, curves, hair, skin color etc. We live in a generation where women desire a bigger booty instead of a better heart. Women have gone to extreme measures to feel beautiful. What’s crazy to me is most of the things we're using to achieve this beauty is FAKE and even if we have this desired look naturally it will fade. None of it is permanent and here we are like hamsters on an enemy’s run wheel. Running fast and going nowhere. We’re investing all of our effort and money, glorifying something that won’t even last. I’m not condemning women for wearing makeup or getting dolled up, because I do it to but my issue is that our priorities are messed up. When we look at God's definition of beauty we find over and over in Scripture that true beauty is found in our hearts, in intangible qualities and in our devotion to GOD. It’s the intangible beauty that moves mountains, does something with meaning, endures the test of time and really changes the world for greater good.  That type of beauty can only be achieved by application of Scripture through Christ and His transforming power. 

WM: What has been one of the biggest hurdles/struggles in your life?

ND: Bulimia for sure. When I first gave my life to Christ this wasn’t something I was instantly delivered from. I’ve had nights where I would just finish throwing up, on my knees in front of the toilet, crying, asking God to heal me and deliverance from this disorder. I had gotten to a point where I settled and thought this is just going to be the thorn in my side like Paul for the rest of my life. But I came across a book by Lisa Bevere called “You are not what you weigh” and I really began to see I was letting my weight be a weight. I realized Bulimia was a deeply engraved disorder in my mind that could be changed, and I really needed to allow GOD to reorder me. So I embarked on an adventurous journey of recovery. I sought GOD step by step through it all to really help me and makeover my mind. Praying over my food and working out has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

WM: What is a Bible verse that gets you through the really tough times?

ND: Philippians 1:21 - For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

For me this scripture makes me fearless, gets me out my feelings, reminds me why I’m here and adjusts my focus. Nothing that opposes me can defeat me. NO sickness, obstacle, enemy, NOTHING. This scripture reminds me that earth is not my home and to live here is to truly LIVE for Christ and to bring Him glory. I don’t live here for a husband, a career, a certain body type, situation, or the American dream. BUT it’s to live for GOD! And when I pass away in well doing, I’ll be united with my God in His Glory that I’m an heir of.

WM: What do you hope to accomplish with your ministry, “His Daughter?”

ND: We live in a society that places high value on external appearance rather than internal character. I hope to change that by awakening GODs called and chosen daughters. I want to see women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds all over the world come to know and love Christ. 

It’s time for the fun questions!

WM: What is a talent you have that not many know about?

ND: I use to be a cheerleader...LOL! I can flip flop, toe touch, and do an eight count like nobody’s business.

WM: If you could meet three people (dead or living) who would you choose and why?

ND: First of all. I would love to have a little one on one, heart to heart convo with my girl EVE. The questions I have for her are endless. She was the first woman on earth. She was the first to do pretty much everything we women do now. She’s the only woman ever to experience life on both ends of sin. Before and after the fall. I would love to just sit next to her and listen to what life was like for her in detail.

Second,  is Paul, I mean he was one of the greatest missionaries of all time, look up the word endurance in the dictionary and Paul’s name should be there.

Third, I would say is Billy Graham. I recently went to the library he has in Charlotte, NC andit changed my life.  I admire the work he did for God in such a gigantic way. He seemed so devoted to God and the Great Commission. He was loaded with the word and shot scripture and truth out at the enemy like a machine gun!

And didn’t mention Jesus in my three because we kick it every day!

WM: Fiction or nonfiction (books and movies)?

ND: If you would’ve asked me in my B.C. days I totally would’ve answered fiction! But now I’m a total non-fiction nerd. I love learning about our history and cold hard facts about creation and life. All it really does is make me fall more in LOVE with GOD. How intentional He was and still is in EVERY intricate detail of our lives. It's mind blowing and I can’t get enough of it!

WM: Coffee, tea or soda?

ND: I’ve recently have been delivert! – yes I said  that  with a "t!" LOL.  "Delivert" from Coca Cola! The struggle was real. But the addiction has now segued to coffee. Literally EVERY morning. I never imagined myself being one of those people spending almost five dollars a day on a cup of coffee. Ya’ll pray for ya girl.

WM: Song you are currently obsessed with?

ND: Ok this is so weird but I’m obsessed with classical music right now. We will see how long this little obsession lasts, but there’s this song called Marianelli: Darcy’s letter by Dario Marianelli.  If you write or study a lot, put in your earphones and just press play. You’ll understand why I love it. That song puts me in the zone every time. Also, I love me some Jesus so you know I still love me a good worship song! “When I Lost My Heart to You” by Hillsong United is on repeat right now.

WM: Favorite quote?

ND: God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. – John Piper *drops mic*

WM: If you were to cast someone to play you in a movie, who would you cast?

ND: Ehhhh…That is a really hard question…hmm. If I had to choose I guess I would say Zendaya from the Disney channel? I don’t know why but she keeps popping in my head Lol. From the outside she seems to carry a certain level of integrity with all of her work. She has a sense of style and she seems like a goofball like myself.

To learn more about Nicole and her ministry “His Daughter,” by visiting her YouTube channel: H.D. Beauty Tips and you can find her on Twitter and Instagram: @nicolecherixoxo @HDBeautyTips