Bible Journaling: Worshipping In Your Bible Margins

Bible journaling (also known as illustrated faith and documented faith) has been around for awhile, but in the recent months it has become the newest form of worship. Yes, that's right. Although some may cringe at the thought of writing in the Holy book, others find solace and peace as they fill their Creator's words with beautiful colors blanketing page after page. This is worship. 

Because of the recent trend of Bible journaling we felt it only right to introduce you to our favorite shops for Bible journals and other resources. Plus, we always want to support small businesses!

Journaling Bibles

Kristin Schmucker's Shop

Kristin Schmucker is a busy wife and mama who is passionate about God's word. You can find her on Instagram sharing what God has been showing her through His word. Join her and thousands of others by using the hashtag #lampandlight. Be sure to check out Kristin's store for Bibles, journals, and more!


Rustic Journals

A favorite of mine, if you have not stopped by my friend Susan's Etsy shop then I must ask you, "where have you been?" If you have been in the market for a new leather Bible then Rustic Journal is the place to go. They carry various Bible translations, but these recovered Bibles will leave you speechless. They remove hardcover or soft covers and redesign them into these stunning, handsewn gems that you can enjoy for yourself or as a gift. You can choose from a variety of different leathers they will also add up to 3 ribbon markers of your color choice. Stop by Susan's store today! P.S. You will love the packaging!

I have my Journaling Bible, now what?

I don't have the greatest penmanship and I have yet to just jump right in and begin creating a masterpiece. But here are some articles great alternatives or additions to worshipping in your Bible margins.

How to Start Bible Journaling for Beginners
Welcome to My Journaling Bible:Heart in the Margins
A Newbie's Guide to Stamping
Washi Tape Masking Tutorial
Using A Gelatin Plate in Your Bible
Adding Color to Your Bible with Overlays

Here are some basics on creating worshipful art according to Illustrated Faith:

  1. Spend time with God! Read a devo. Listen to worship music.
  2. Pray about it! Ask God to guide you! Pray. Create. Repeat.
  3. Write it down! What is God telling you?
  4. Draw it! Bring that big idea into the margins of your Bible! (A little paint is fun, too.)
  5. Date it! It's so important to date your entries since you're going to go back to these verses over and over.
  6. Tab it! Use tabs to see what themes you're on.
  7. Forget the rules! Just connect with God in the way that's most natural to you!

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